baby chicken cage for sale

Baby Chicken Cage

Baby chicken cage is predominantly fabricated for raising baby chicken from 0-16 weeks. This kind of chick cage is adopted advanced electrostatic spraying technology, which prevents chickens from hurting by cage wire. At the same time, the electrostatic spraying process saves human labor and reduces labor costs. Therefore, livi baby chicken cages have a long life time to work for poultry farm. Furthermore, we use automatic poultry cage system to complete the general breeding works, for instance, adjusted watering system, automatic convey belt for chicken manure and smart environment control system. With these reasonable designs, this pullet cage can be an ideal and economical cage system for breeding baby chook.

Chicken Pullet Cage

baby chicken cage for sale
baby chicken cage

Type: A-Type and H-Type.
Size: A-Type: 1950mm*500mm*350mm
H-Type: 1200mm*600mm*420mm
Tiers: A-Type ( 3-4 Tiers )
H-Type ( 3-4 Tiers )
Raw material: International Q235 bridge-steel
Cage frame: U-shaped steel bar

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Advantages of livi baby chicken cage

First, the cage wire is special handled by electrostatic spaying craft. By using this craft, baby chick cages have smooth surface and high brightness, which protect chicken from scratching by cage wire. From an environmental point of view, cages for baby chicks processed specially also reduce infection rate of poultry disease. Baby chick cages for sale have better anti-corrosion nature, so this poultry cage has long working life. Electrostatic spaying technique has moderate cost. To some degree, this technology saves man power and labor costs.

Second, there is one set of adjustable drinking system in baby chicken raising. This automatic watering system can meet the daily drinking demand of a hatchling. The adjustable system saves water and keeps the inner cage dry.

Specifications of poultry baby chicken cage for sale 

baby chick cage specification
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Third, chicken manures are cleaned automatically by the convey belt, which reduces labor intensity. Simultaneously, this way of clean gives the poultry dry and sanitary environment.

Fourth, we used advance smart environment control system to guarantee breeding works. This system of pullet rearing cage keeps the room at a fixed temperature and comfortable, which increases the rate of survival and growth speed of baby chickens.

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