The battery broiler cages manufacture and character


The manufacture and application of the battery broiler cage has enabled the poultry farm to realize a rhythmic production mode and adopted a closed feeding mode. The entire process is highly mechanized and automated, which effectively increases productivity and saves labor.
The characteristics of battery broiler cages can be broadly divided into high stocking density, reduced labor productivity, high feed remuneration, less pollution and easier disease control.
Battery broiler cage structure is divided into, at the end of the net, the top net, the former net, after the net and two side net composition. Bottom net should have a certain flexibility, slope and strength, so as to increase production, reduce broken egg rate, is conducive to load-bearing.
Battery manufacturing chicken cage is designed for chicken cages, in order to overcome the chicken breast inflammation, caused by the bottom of the cage hard and much is made of high quality plastic chicken cage group, chicks from into the cage until the slaughterhouse, turn again without cage, saves on the catch chicken, also avoid the chickens may be bad.
Main advantages are battery chicken cage, a high degree of automation, it can realize automatic feeding, drinking water, night-soil, wet curtain cooling, centralized management, automatic control, saving energy consumption, improve labor productivity, reduce artificial breeding cost, greatly improving the breeding efficiency of farmers, chickens and epidemic prevention, effective prevention of infectious diseases, the chicken does not contact dung, can make chicken more healthy growth, to the growth of chicken provides a clean and comfortable environment, such time greatly in advance, to save space, raise the breeding density, density of a battery 3 times than flat have high density, saving aquaculture feed, steamed chicken can save aquaculture feed, a lot of chickens in cages, exercise less, less energy consumption, waste materials, and research data show that a battery can effectively save production cost by more than 25%, strong and durable, caged poultry equipment using hot dip zinc process, corrosion resistance, ageing resistance, service life up to 15 ~ 20 years.
With the rapid development of the scale, the rapid development of automatic chicken breeding, the intensive development of the chicken industry and the continuous improvement of industrialization, the small climate of the chicken coop has an increasing influence on the health and production performance of chickens. Chickens environment control technology, therefore, to keep up with the need of modern poultry production, timely adjust chicken environmental control objectives and strategies, continuous research and development and application of new type of coop environmental control technology and equipment, to the health of the modern poultry production safety escort and technical support.