Battery chicken cage breeding and sales

Battery cage made of high quality steel, excellent welding process, durable, non-deformation. Normal life expectancy can reach more than 10 years. Suitable for cage laying hens, broilers and other chicken farming.
My company through the exploration in practice, now has a professional team. From farm planning and design to farm equipment configuration, installation and after-sales service, there are professionals to manage, in order to allow customers to get better quality service for our customers to create a modern farm and work hard.Battery chicken cage equipment
Battery chicken cage equipment sales across most countries, won the majority of customers praise. The use of battery cages and associated equipment makes full use of space resources in the breeding grounds to reduce mortality and morbidity.
The design of the battery chicken cage is fully compatible with other equipment and can be used with the car feed system to solve the problem of raising poultry feeding perfectly.
Battery chicken cage feeding methods are automatic feeding, automatic drinking water and automatic clean shit system. Reduce the dust inside the chicken coop, improve the living environment quality of poultry, reduce the incidence of respiratory diseases, reduce labor intensity and improve labor efficiency.
Battery chicken cage equipment can solve the contradiction between environment and culture density, easily achieve high density and high efficiency effect. The equipment has a high degree of automation, and conforms to the standardization of modern poultry farming. It is the development direction of energy saving, environmental protection and healthy breeding.