Best automatic equipment used in poultry farming

Automatic poultry farming equipment has a promising prospect. On the one hand, automatic equipment used in poultry farming creates an excellent poultry farm. On the other hand, advanced poultry farm become easy to operate, make full use of resources and improve the efficiency of breeding.

What does poultry farming equipment consist of ?

  1. Battery cage system in poultry. battery cages for sale consist of A-type cages and H-type cages. High automation and high density, so they can effectively save labor costs and efficiently use land.
  2. Automatic chicken drinking equipment. The drinking system include a pressure-reducing tank or pressure-reducing valve, water pipe, drinking nipple, hanging cup, lifting system , and dosing device.No manual water supply. Automatic drinking equipment has a full line of automatic drinking water lines, with high automation, high -efficiency characteristics.
  3. Chicken Feeding equipment. The driving type feeder is suitable for a type poultry cage and h -type layer chicken cage, with automatic control, saving labor and feed. 
  4. Automatic egg collection machine. Automatic egg collection consists of an egg picking belt, an egg picking device, an export device, etc, and completes egg collection through a central egg collection system. High egg collection efficiency, low broken egg rate, and greatly reduce the amount of manual labor.
  5. Manure removal equipment. There are two main cleaning systems: scraper-type cleaning and flat belt type (conveyor belt type) cleaning. provide a good and clean environment for the farm.
  6. Advanced poultry environmental control equipment. The environmental control system includes a negative pressure fan, water curtain, side wind window, warm air furnace, and so on. Scientific and automatic machines provide a constant temperature and clean living environment for the chicken house.

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The advantages of automatic poultry farm equipment

? High efficiency and easy to operate. Automatic feeding, drinking, and egg collection machine improve the efficiency of raising chickens. What’s more, all automatic machine has detailed instructions that are simple and easy to handle.
? High density. Chickens cage have more feeding density and automatic equipment provides suitable and more space to raise chickens.
? Saving labor costs and nice profit. Automated equipment in poultry farming doesn’t consume abundant labor and only needs one or two people. The labor saved can be used to do more other work, which can obtain better profit.
? Creating a comfortable environment. Automatic manure removal equipment builds a clean chicken farm and the advanced environmental control equipment creates constant a temperature environment for chickens.
? Making full use of resources. Scientific and automatic equipment in poultry farming provides accurate feed and water consumption for chickens. The battery cages also make the most of land resources.

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Best poultry farming equipment from LIVI

Zhengzhou LIVI Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer that focuses on providing modern poultry equipment and overall solutions for chicken farms. It focuses on manufacturing and developing automated layer hen, broiler and pullet breeding equipment. Farming solutions, including product development, program design, production, installation and service.
With more than 30 years of professional knowledge in the poultry farming industry, we are committed to the manufacture of automated poultry farming equipment, the research and development of intelligent environmental control systems and related poultry equipment. We provide customers with multi-dimensional full-process solutions, including project consulting, scheme design, manufacturing, logistics and transportation, installation and commissioning, equipment operation and maintenance, poultry breeding guidance and one-stop procurement. LIVI Machinery makes your poultry farming business easier, more efficient, safer and more reliable.