A brief discussion on poultry farming automation equipment

Now is poultry production automation is period of rapid development, animal food annual growth continues to rise, after few years there will be a lot more money into farming, the growth of the most obvious change is more and more large farms replaced the past small-scale farmers became the main poultry market. And use poultry farming equipment automation can greatly improve the environment for the chicken breeding, environment control improved, the crowd will improve overall health condition, to disease resistance will also increase, virtually reduced the drug use, provide guarantee for poultry health.
The development of poultry production automation, nature cannot leave the application of new equipment, new technology, using modern science and technology, environmental protection launched a high level of automation poultry farms, out of the way to a virtuous cycle of poultry farming.

poultry  farming equipment
poultry farming equipment

Farms that use to automate poultry farming equipment look like factories on the outside. When walking into the indoor, you can see that the chicken house is fully enclosed, feeding the chicken, drinking water, removing feces, controlling room temperature, adjusting the light, etc., as long as one press the button to complete.
In this kind of poultry farming field automation, generally the chicken coop can choose each column 5 rows, each row 4 layer cages equipment, belong to the cascading laying hens cage, each row and countless small grid according to the proportion, a few chickens in each grid. Each cage top installed a feed tank, a water pipe, the field has a large driving feeder, feeding, simply click the button, driving whole moves slowly, equipment began to constantly sending food to feed slot.
Poultry drinking water is more convenient, there are special water taps on the pipes, just make sure the pipes are free. Removal of excrement, room temperature regulation, light regulation and other work are accomplished through mechanical manipulation, which is highly efficient and convenient.
Above is our today, for example, about the use of poultry farming model some of the advantages of automation, although automation breeding can guarantee farmers better profits and optimize farming methods, but also in the process of breeding careful, diligent care, observation, epidemic prevention and control measures properly, the benefit will be better.layer chicken cage design