The characteristics of broiler cage

As we all know, the cage is an indispensable equipment for the farm,then what are the advantages of the cage? Today we are going to talk about the advantages and characteristics of broiler cages.

The characteristics of broiler cagechina broiler breeder cages manufacturer

Our common cage is mainly four kinds of anti-corrosion treatment process, namely cold galvanized, hot galvanized, aluminum zinc alloy and electrostatic spraying, these processes can effectively protect the growth of poultry.
Broiler cage with a high degree of automation, can effectively improve the stocking density, and cage density than the flat density of more than 2 times higher.
Broiler cage with the advantages of raising five major highlights, mainly: save land resources, save energy, save labor costs, reduce drug costs and save the feed, the chicken cage is a good way to keep it in broiler than flat yield increased by 40%.
In terms of safety and hygiene, cage broiler chickens do not touch faeces, clean and hygienically equipped with automated fecal equipment and ventilation equipment to ensure good air quailty in the poultry house and provide favorable environmental conditions for the healthy growth of broilers.
In short, the use of broiler cage to a certain extent, so that poultry farms effectively avoid the spread of the disease control and can effectively reduce the incidence of disease.
This is a convenient and fast automatic chicken cage, the current market is very popular with poultry farming favorite and praise.
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