The characteristics of poultry broiler cage equipment

Commodity broilers battery cages is a new revolution in poultry farming way, is the poultry farming industry one of the most advanced mode of production, save land resource, to improve farming conditions, improve the production performance, the advantages of reducing the incidence of the disease, which can effectively solve the commodity broilers breeding industry facing the farming land expropriation problems such as difficult, serious environmental pollution and disease increased, greatly reduce the production cost, increasing the economic benefits. Today we are going to look at some of the characteristics of poultry cage equipment.
The advantages of poultry cages are mainly in the following aspects, first saving space resources. Standard cages area 0. 49 square meters, three-dimensional breeding hen house per square meter can have more than 20, and flat sheds per square meter area only 10 or so, more than 2 times the plain chicken, this can be effective use of hen house space, save the land resources.
Then poultry broiler cages farming reduces the incidence of poultry. Coop breeding limits the range of poultry, reduces the probability of poultry contact each other, to reduce the spread of disease risk, in addition the breeder patrol range is small, easy to find weak, the sick chicken, which can be picked up in a timely and effective manner body weak, the sick chicken and quarantine or breeding, can greatly improve the survival rate and cure rate of illness chickens of chicks, improves the economic benefits of the chicken farmers.
Secondly, it saves the cost of poultry farming. One is to save energy. Because of its high density, the three-dimensional hen-house than flat a hen-house under the same condition is more than 5 ~ 10 ? higher temperature. Heating costs in winter raise the cost of poultry farming. Second, saving labor. Raise the density of farming and add fully automatic equipment, convenient feeding management, reduce the labor intensity of the breeder, thus reducing labor expense. Three is to reduce the use of drugs. Good hen-house environment, the breeding of fine management is the key to guarantee the healthy growth of poultry, chicken is ill less natural drug use was reduced, thus reducing the production cost, and can also produce green, healthy chicken products, ensure food security and the healthy development of the poultry industry. Four is to save feed. The amount of activity of the chicken is small, reducing energy consumption, increasing the same weight and saving the feed, and the vertical farming can save 5% ~ 10% of the feed, saving the farmers cost.
Now large and medium-sized chicken farms have advanced automatic poultry equipment, but with advanced equipment, it is not necessary to raise chickens. With the continuous improvement of scale and automation degree, breeding failure is not uncommon, its key lies in the organic combination of human and equipment. Operators must be familiar with not only the principle of equipment, but also frequently observed, because the thermostat temperature in the hen-house numerical error to a certain extent, to get the error value is transferred to the minimum, so that the chicken chicken thermostat at the optimum growth temperature. In addition, the operator must be skilled in the use of the equipment and the feeding procedures of the chicken at all stages, and can detect and repair the failure of the equipment in time. Once the equipment is improperly used or the equipment fails, there will be huge economic losses.