The characteristics of the sales of automated hens breeding equipment

Automated laying hens farming equipment, specifically refers to the device can be achieved to collect eggs, clean up the fecal, feeding, drinking water and control the temperature and other automation functions.

broiler pullet cage

The automatic integration of the equipment, for the farmers is a significant savings in the labor force, and also improve the efficiency.
Products using leading anti-corrosion treatment process, the product life compared to similar products increased by more than 5 times.
The material is made of Q235 GB steel wire, effectively prevent poultry foot injury.
Laying hens breeding cage has the characteristics of simple structure, easy operation and maintenance, low input cost and quick income, and can choose the equipment according to the dufferent requirements of the user.
Automated hens breeding equipment can effectively prevent the spread of the disease, it is the use of intensive and efficient mode of feeding and management of the best choice for farming, is large-scale, modern chicken production development of the inevitable trend.
Above is the general information on automatic chicken breeding equipment, if you have any questions about the automated breeding equipment, please contact our customer service for consultation.