Chicken cage system sales and manufacturing

chicken cage system manufacturing
chicken cage system manufacturing

Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd it is engaged in the sales and manufacture of breeding equipment, and aims to build a high-quality domestic animal husbandry equipment industry. Main products include, automatic feeding system, automatic water system, cooling and heating systems, cages, etc., building automation, scale of chicken, chicken cage, laying hens , chicken factory has domestic standardization level.
In the manufacture of chicken cage system we must pay attention to all details, such as egg processing problems, each a broken egg is we cannot tolerate, egg is our top priority of the whole process of production, so we must need to consider how to reduce the damage. Usually broken eggs is thought to be caused by our production process is not successful, although zero damaged, need to pay the cost is very high, but how to use low cost to achieve minimum breakage is we always pursuit.
The company has the technical excellent team, can provide a variety of breeding livestock and poultry special cage equipment for the customer at present. And developed the automatic feeding system with the international advanced level, night-soil system, set the egg system, water system, automatic temperature control system, disinfection spray system, etc., at the same time can provide a full range of automation for the aquaculture industry aquaculture equipment integration solutions.
The company has a number of senior engineers and technicians, which can provide the whole service of chicken site selection, chicken house design, free technical consultation, etc.
Company staff warmly welcome the masses of customers and the social people from all walks of life to visit and guide, we will establish a practical and efficient for the customer, intensive, high standards of product quality as the objective, and good after-sales service for you to build a bridge to get rich, sincerely and from all walks of life hand in hand, connive development, create brilliant.