Chicken farming equipment feeding equipment and drinking water equipment introduction

With the continuous development of the world economy, the development of various industries is also becoming more and more rapid. As people’s requirements for some poultry production become more and more stringent, various breeding facilities have been bred to improve the quality of poultry.
Feeding equipment includes feeding machinery and feeding trough. Large-scale chicken farm feeding system is mechanized, feeding machinery is equipped with feeding trough.

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Poultry Feeding System

Chain feeder is one of the most commonly used feeding machines in poultry farm feeding machinery. It consists of a material box, a link, a drive, a corner wheel, a long feeding trough, and have a feed cleaner.
Nipple type water fountain is made of steel or stainless steel, the threaded steel (copper) and consists of a plunger switch valve, can be directly installed on the pipe, use of gravity, and capillary action control water droplets in the thimble end often hung a drop of water. When the chicken needs water, touch the thimble, the water will flow out; After drinking, the thimble sealed the water and no longer flowed out. The nipples are used for chicken and chicken. Each drinker water can be used for 10 to 20 chicks or 3 to 5 chickens. Nipples can be raised and caged.
Another advantage of the feed trough is that it is easy for the chicken to collect food, which is not easy to be contaminated with feces and bedding. In order to prevent to gather the food waste, and structure according to the size of selected material tank, feeding, feed the chicken age type, feeding way to decide, within all the feed tank due to bending side, in order to prevent chicken beak to feed out of tank.poultry waterer supplies
Poultry feed and drinking water equipment can greatly reduce the labor intensity, make chicken farming has become more simple, can also realize feeding trough after 36 hours without filling, and feed will not moldy, cultivating application methods in the process of enterprise development is unexpected equipment companies.
As a result, equipment companies need to go deep into the chicken farm, listen to more advice, consider designing devices, and more use of the nature of chickens, in terms of keepers.
In addition, many chicken farm equipment comes from different manufacturers. How to ensure the installation, seamless connection and normal operation of these devices is also a practical problem to be solved.