Chicken Health Is Important in Egg Production in Layer Chicken Cages in China

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Chicken health is of big concern to those people who raise poultry for egg production. If there is a chicken illness in their flock the number of eggs they receive will be less than normal. People who raise these birds with the intent of gathering eggs pay special attention to the chicken care they give their flock.

First the owners will watch for signs of the chickens pecking each other. When this begins to happen it can mean that the cage is invested with body mites. If the birds have body mites, or gnats bothering them they can become distressed, and an upset hen, does not lay eggs. The owner will provide the animals with a dust to rid them of the mites.

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Just because you see chickens pecking each other do not assume it is mites. Check the birds with a close physical inspection, before you start treatment. These animals will peck on each other for several reasons, and most of them have nothing to do with the question of is the layer chicken healthy.

The most frequently used chicken medicine has to be worm medicine. The most common chicken illness is internal parasites. This is not surprising since the birds get the majority of their food off of the ground. Worm medicine is easy to purchase from the store you get your feed from. Most wormers that are designed for use in layer chicken cages are very mild. A strong wormer could kill the birds. Since you use a mild medication to treat this problem, it is advised that you treat the entire flock every two or three months. Most of these medications will be administered in the flock’s drinking water. People who have automatic water systems often buy cracked oats, and soak them in water that has the medication in it. They then feed their birds these moistened oats. This method is effective, and it actual benefits the birds by causing them to retain more water.

Your best clues as to when chicken illnesses have entered your flock are found in their excrement. A chicken’s poop is black and white. You should expect the poop to have a shape. If the poop in the cage is runny, or if you see poop that appears bloody, you could have a serious problem in your pen. If the poop has blood in it you are going to need antibiotics to cure your flock. Try your best to identify the birds that have the problem, and remove them to an isolation care for treatment. You should be able to purchase antibiotics at the feed store, if not call the local vet and ask them where to get poultry grade antibiotics. Administer the medication according to the instructions on the package. Please remember that these antibiotics can help birds, but they are not intended for human consumption.

Provide the best chicken care you can to your flock. Make certain they have adequate amounts of fresh clean water, an ample food supply, access to sunlight, and shelter from storms, and you will have amazing egg production results.