Commercial poultry farming equipment suppliers in South Africa

The poultry industry is one of South Africa’s largest industries , accounting for nearly 20 percent of all agricultural production in the country and 40 percent of all animal products . Chicken farming can be highly profitable in South Africa, with a large and growing market. The demand for chickens and eggs are high, poultry farming on a large scale is profitable for farmers. At the same time, large scale poultry farming requires advanced and commercial poultry farming equipment.

Poultry farming equipment in South Africa

South Africa’s climatic conditions are ideal for raising chickens . The poultry equipment in South Africa every farmers needed for raising chickens are mainly chicken cages, feeding systems, drinking systems, egg collection systems and manure cleaning systems. Because the chicken houses of some chicken farms may be open or semi open , the environmental control system will be selected according to the needs of customers. If it is a closed chicken house, a complete environmental control system needs to be installed, including water curtains, fans, side windows, intelligent environmental control cabinets, etc.

Among these poultry equipment in South Africa, chicken cage equipment is the most basic poultry equipment. Whether it is a small or large farm, chicken cages are essential equipment for large scale production . Chicken cages offered in South Africa include A type chicken cages and H type chicken cages. It can also be divided into layer cages, broiler cages and brooder cages. Chicken farmers in South Africa prefer layer cages because layer farming is more economical . Of course , broiler and brooder farming are also lucrative business. In addition to meeting the requirements of general poultry farming. Poultry farming equipment in South Africa can also be adjusted according to local market demand.

 layer cage equipment

Criteria for selecting poultry farming equipment in South Africa

Poultry equipment are tools or instruments that are used for purposes like hatching, brooding, housing, feeding, cleaning, and maintaining good conditions in poultry farms. Below are some criteria for choosing poultry farming equipment in South Africa.

Bird Type: Bird species and needs vary, and therefore, the type of equipment you use to keep them varies. Chickens can be divided into broilers, layers and chicks . And you need to choose equipment according to the type of farming.

Space: The size of the birds in your poultry farm is a necessary factor when purchasing poultry equipment.

Price Comparison: Another important thing to note is price. The prices of chicken cages in the South African market vary. And the quality of the products must meet the price of the products.

Climate: Most of South Africa has a tropical climate, which is relatively hot. During the poultry breeding process, chickens will emit a lot of heat. At this time, it is best to install a ventilation and heat dissipation system to regulate the temperature of the chicken house and provide a better living environment for the chickens.

commercial poultry farming equipment

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Commercial poultry equipment suppliers in South Africa

The basic formation of modern poultry production, such as breeding, commodity production, product processing and market sales. It is necessary for the production of modern poultry, the development of the broiler industry has a good foundation for development.
The production of goods organization formed a large-scale, moderately dispersed scale professional and thousands of households three production groups, including the number of the top two production mode is gradually expanding the quot, company and farmers quot, promotion system, promote the development of the poultry industry.
Breeding of quot,sustainable development guide has been proposed in just a few years ago but automation breeding can contribute a set is used in the process of gradually recognized in recent years for sustainable development, the use of automated equipment to greatly improve our breeding coop farming environment and improve the overall health of the chickens will be invisible in reducing drug use, and an automatic hen-house will form a small environment relatively sealed, is conducive to the environmental control of chicken farm, in addition, the automation of farming equipment will be more feed and farming resources saving.
Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a poultry standardized equipment manufacturing, sales, installation and service of customer service as one of the modern enterprise. The main products are: egg automatic feeding system, automatic feeding system, automatic poultry drinking water system, environmental temperature control system, automatic dung cleaning system and farm facilities etc..
As a pioneer of international cooperation and innovation, Zhengzhou Livi is committed to providing internationally competitive independent innovation and modern breeding products, and helps customers develop a complete set of automated breeding solutions.
At the same time, the company has a modern farming chicken equipment solution exhibition hall, welcome you to visit the inspection.

Latest poultry farming equipment prices in South Africa

The price of poultry equipment in South Africa mainly depends on the number of chickens raised. There is a direct proportional relationship between its price and breeding volume. Of course, its rate of return will also increase with the increase in breeding volume. In addition, the price of chicken cages in South Africa is also related to the quality of chicken cages. High quality chicken cages generally adopt galvanized technology, and the service life can reach 20 years. The price of this kind of chicken cage is relatively slightly higher. But the cost is relatively low in the long run.

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