Cost of 10000 chicken battery cages for sale in Zimbabwe

Do you want to scale up your operations and maximize your farm’s profitability in Zimbabwe? We are LIVI Machinery, a leading poultry equipment supplier, is thrilled to offer high-quality chicken battery cages for sale in Zimbabwe. With our state-of-the-art chicken battery cages, you can unlock the true potential of your poultry farm and take your business to new heights of success. Whether you are in need of 10000 layers cages or 10000 broiler cages, we have the perfect solution for you.

Chicken battery cages for sale in Zimbabwe

At LIVI Poultry Equipment, we understand the challenges faced by chicken farmers when it comes to housing a large number of birds. That’s why we have designed our chicken battery cages with efficiency and productivity in mind. These chicken battery cages for sale in Zimbabwe are meticulously engineered to provide a comfortable and secure living space for your layers or broilers, ensuring optimal growth and production.

One of the key advantages of our chicken battery cages is their space-saving design. By utilizing vertical space, you can house a large number of birds within a relatively compact area. This allows you to maximize the capacity of your poultry farm and increase your overall productivity. Our cages are also designed to provide good ventilation, ensuring a healthy environment for your birds.

Cost of 10000 layers cages in Zimbabwe

The cost of 10000 layers cages in Zimbabwe is closely related to the material, type, size, and degree of automation of the chicken cages.
Chicken cage material: The material of laying hen cages is divided into electrostatic spraying laying hen cages, cold-dip galvanized laying hen cages and hot-dip galvanized laying hen cages. Layer cages made of different materials have different prices. Among them, hot-dip galvanized laying hen cages are currently the most popular laying hen cages because of their durability.
Type of chicken cage: The price of a laying hen cage has a great relationship with the type and size of the chicken cage. Layer cages are divided into A-type cages and H-type cages. According to different capacities, it is divided into 90 pieces, 120 pieces, 144 pieces, 160 pieces, etc. Choose different types of chicken cages, and the number of chicken cages required will be different. If you choose a 160-capacity chicken cage, you will need 63 sets of chicken cages to raise 10000 chickens.
Degree of automation: Raising 10000 laying hens can be matched with different automation equipment according to needs. Under normal circumstances, it can be equipped with a scraper manure cleaning system and an automatic feeding system, which can greatly improve the breeding efficiency. Of course, the cost of raising 10000 laying hens will be different depending on the degree of automation.

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Cost of 10000 broiler cages for sale in Zimbabwe

The cost factors affecting the cost of a 10000 broiler cages for sale in Zimbabwe are similar to those of a 10000 layer cage. However, broiler chicken cages only have H-type cages and not A-type cages. The sizes of H-type broiler cages are usually 102 and 120. It can also be customized if you have special needs. Therefore, raising 10000 broiler chickens requires approximately 84-98 sets of chicken cages. In addition, broiler cages are usually equipped with a higher level of automation equipment. You can also choose according to your needs.
The following is an introduction to a 10000 broiler cage project in Zimbabwe. I hope it can provide you with some reference.
The customer is from Harare, Zimbabwe and ordered 10000 broiler cage equipment from us this year. What he purchased was a broiler chicken cage with a capacity of 120 birds. Therefore, he purchased 84 sets of cages and an automatic flat belt cleaning system. His equipment is currently being installed:

Customer feedback: LIVI’s chicken cages are of very good quality and the price is very favorable. At the same time, LIVI’s service is also very good, and they very patiently provided me with multiple design plans. Finally, I chose a farm design that I like, thank you very much LIVI.

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