Commercial poultry farm equipment list for chicken farming

Farming chicken needs some equipment and materials, the basic requirements are easy to operate, simple design. Easy maintenance, smaller size, easy to move, economical and durable. A poultry farm equipment list is following, some commonly used commercial chicken farming equipment will be introduced in detail.

1 Poultry chicken cages | The most important poultry equipment

Poultry chicken cages include brooder cages,laying cages and broiler cages.

Brooder cages, also known as chick cages, are used to raise chicks aged 0-7 weeks. Generally, chickens aged 0 to 50 days are called chicks. The breeding environment of chicks is very important. Chick cages allow you to centrally manage and care for your chicks while providing a hygienic housing environment.

The ladder layer cage has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, high optional automation equipment, low input cost and fast revenue. According to different requirements of users, the non-automatic, semi-automatic, low-configuration automation and high-configuration automation equipment Cage. Layered hen cages have the characteristics of high automation and high density, effectively raising the housing and land utilization, reducing the cost of raising, raising the labor productivity and so on.

Broiler raising a high degree of automation, saving land resources, energy conservation, labor costs, reduce medication costs, save feed, with automatic cleaning equipment and ventilation equipment to ensure good air quality inside the house, for the healthy growth of broilers to provide favorable Environmental conditions conducive to disease control and can effectively reduce the outbreak of disease.

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2 Chicken feeding equipment in poultry production

Feeding equipment is divided into trough, tray and feeding machine equipment and ancillary equipment.

The trough is suitable for cage chicken. The trough used by chicken requires convenient feeding, no waste of feed, not easy to be polluted by excrement and litter, durable and easy to clean and bend inwards to prevent the chicken from picking the feed overflows the tank.

The feeding tray is mainly used for flat farming, but also for cage farming. In the early stage of broiler chickens and chicks. Because the chickens are relatively small and cannot eat from the trough. They will use the feeder tray for a period of time. The feeder tray can be removed when the chicken grows up.

The chicken farmer with certain economic strength and certain feeding scale should feed the chickens with the automatic feeding machine, which not only helps to reduce the labor intensity of the feeding but more importantly, can control the feeding amount and finish the feeding in a short time , So that each chicken feed evenly, is conducive to the growth and development of large groups of chickens.

Chicken feeding equipment

3 Poultry drinking system

The poultry drinking system consists of water pipes, water tanks or pressure reducing valves. In addition, there are nipple drinker and cup drinking water equipment commonly found in cages. Its advantages are simple structure, easy to clean. This drinking water equipment clean, but the water quality and water pressure have certain requirements. Poultry drinking water equipment can provide a stable water source for chickens in chicken cages. At the same time, a dosing device can also be added at the front end. And the chicken can be fed medicine through the water source when the chicken is sick.

4 Chicken egg collection system

The equipment in poultry production also include chicken egg collection system . The automatic egg collection system includes an egg collection belt, an egg collection machine, an egg collection filter device and a horizontal and inclined egg collection device. The egg collection can reach 20,000 eggs per hour,which can greatly improve the collection efficiency of eggs. It can realize the collection and transportation of eggs between different chicken houses. Workers can collect eggs without entering the chicken house. It can avoid bringing germs into the chicken house and save labor.

5 Poultry manure removal system

Poultry manure removal equipment includes scraper type manure removal equipment and flat belt type manure removal equipment. Scraper type manure cleaning equipment is mainly composed of main base, corner wheels, traction rope, manure scraper . The flat belt manure cleaning machine is mainly composed of motor reduction equipment, chain drive, baffle bracket, roller, manure cleaning belt . Both can help to clean up the chicken manure in the chicken house and maintain a clean environment in the chicken house. It is more conducive to the growth and production of chickens.

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6 Environmental control equipment

Environmental control equipment mainly refers to the equipment used to exclude excessive water vapor, heat and harmful gases in the chicken coop and to reduce the internal temperature of the house. The equipment has small noise, large air volume, is conducive to ventilating the chicken house, or adding disinfecting water Disinfection to reduce the dust inside the house. Purify the environment inside the house to create a more suitable micro-climate for poultry.

Adult chickens are more resistant to the cold, coupled with higher stocking densities. Its own heat enough to maintain the required temperature. Generally do not need heating. The chickens, due to hypoplasia of thermal regulation, poor ability to resist the cold, requiring a higher temperature in the brooding stage, especially in the cold winter and early spring and late autumn have to increase brood room temperature to meet the healthy growth of chickens Basic needs. There are a variety of heating and heating equipment, chicken farms in different regions, chicken farmers according to the local heat source to select a heating device to increase brooding temperature.

Poultry production requires different equipment and facilities, as long as the usage of these devices mastered, will make the farm become more scale and automation. Hope the poultry farm equipment list can help you. We provide all these commercial chicken farming equipment in these poultry farm equipment list, please feel free to drop us a message.