Egg chicken laying cages equipment suppliers

As farming chicken scale and the development of automation, more and more way to chose a laying farms, but many farmers did not know cages processing technology, how to choose the good quality, long service chicken cages? In the automatic chicken raising equipment, the chicken coop is used as the direct contact with the chicken, and the selection is more important, so as to ensure the healthy growth of the poultry, thus improving the efficiency of poultry breeding.
The poultry raising equipment egg chicken laying cages consists of chicken coop, feeder, sink and rack. The chicken coop is made of cold-drawn mild steel wire welding, and is made by pickling and galvanizing. It is assembled from the front net, top net, back net, side net and so on.
The side net of the egg chicken laying cages is used to divide the chicken cages into a number of grids, each of which has 2~5 chickens, and the common ones are 3~4. In order to make it convenient? The front net is mainly vertical, with the appropriate number of horizontal lines, which is conducive to the feed intake and drinking water of chickens. The vertical line is usually 3 mm in diameter, with an interval of 55~60 mm, and the diameter of the horizontal line is usually 2.5~ 3.0mm. The front net is equipped with a cage door, and the lower part is provided with an inner tilted plate to prevent the chicken from pecking at the eggs.
The top net is made of steel wire with a diameter of 2.2~ 2.5mm. The longitudinal spacing can be larger, with a certain horizontal line, spacing between 50~60 mm. The back net and side net are used to prevent the chicken from running out of the cage with the chicken. Generally, the horizontal line is mainly horizontal, and the horizontal line is 25~ 30mm, which is strengthened by vertical line at a certain distance. The bottom net must be able to withstand the weight of the chicken, leakage of the chicken manure, and can reduce the broken rate of eggs. So the size of the structure is critical. The vertical line and horizontal line are usually arranged in the direction of the bottom of the cage. The spacing is between 22 and 25 mm, and the following distance is supported by a horizontal line, which usually forms a grid of 15~50 mm. The bottom end of the end of the cage extends from 140 to 225 mm, and is concave, as an egg trough.
Poultry farming egg chicken laying cages equipment has scientific cage design, which can effectively reduce the fatigue degree of chickens in the cage, increase the egg rate, and the breakage rate of eggs is 0. The material is the national standard Q235 bridge steel chicken coop, good elasticity, no deformation, never sag. Double dip galvanizing, make chicken cages a few years not to rusty?service life can reach more than 16 years. The table of chicken feed can be changed ?can hold more chicken to eat together. High quality egg chicken cage structure is simple, use material less. Installation control is simple and easy to use. Reduce the chances of a chicken injury.
Poultry high density layers are laminated battery cages has land saving, saves the construction area, chicken a construction investment of low cost, high labor efficiency and production levels, manure utilization efficiency and less environmental pollution etc, is a kind of new mode of laying hens intensive and high efficiency production technology, fully meet the development trend of modern laying hens production.
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