Egg chickens automatic farming equipment

Now with the development and progress of the breeding, breeding egg chickens have already no longer is the age of total artificial breeding, the appearance of various mechanized poultry equipment makes the laying hens farming realized the scale, intensive mode, use of farming equipment of also let farmers felt the high efficiency of chickens, so what do you need which to laying hens farming equipment, today let me introduce for everyone.
In order to make full use of farmers on the market at present the area of the hen-house and increase the number of chickens, most farmers are now cages breeding laying hens, caged way laying hens farming is farmers many choices, full use of the area of the upper layers cage, the number of chickens of flat keep about three or four times more than ever, with this way is more convenient for the management of the poultry.
Also, hen-house manure removal job it is to make farmers headache the problem, because clean up fecal time-consuming, but if it is not clear in time, the hen house can produce harmful gases, affect the health of the crowd, so manure removal equipment is one of the indispensable equipment many farms. Night-soil machine in the market now continue to improve and can realize unmanned management, automatic timing dung, arbitrary time setting, operation simple and quick, put chicken manure as manure to the end fall into manure removal belt sent to cleaning truck away and not only can improve the inner environment, but also reducing the occurrence of poultry diseases.
In the ventilation cooling equipment, wet curtain fan and is used for give chicken house ventilation cooling equipment of kinds of equipment, reasonable ventilation work sheds can be some of the harmful gases exclude, for the growth of the chicken group to provide a comfortable production environment, use in the summer with wet curtain equipment can to cool the hen house to cool, let the hen house in the hot summer is able to grow at a comfortable temperature.
Pick up egg machine is used to collect eggs equipment farms, apply to the laying hens farm, artificial pick up eggs to each place to collect, not only time-consuming, efficiency is low, the collection of eggs machine may gather in one place for the eggs all farmers, convenient and quick, improve efficiency.
Equally important, the reasonable scientific lighting is conducive to the growth and production of chicken, and so the broad masses of farmers to purchase lighting equipment, is widely used in lighting on the farms, the development trend of ordinary light bulb is the use of energy-saving lamps. Many chicken farms are equipped with automatic control switches to replace manual switches to ensure accurate and reliable lighting time.
Above equipment is what I for today for laying hens farming farmers need about what equipment, this equipment is some common and frequently used, farmers can according to your own farms size and actual situation to the choice of reasonable laying hens chicken equipment, improve the efficiency of chickens, increase the profit.