Equipment and facilities in poultry production

Poultry production needs to be based on biological requirements and physiological characteristics of poultry, and then through engineering and technical measures to improve and control the poultry environment, as far as possible conducive to poultry living and production.
The main purpose of poultry production equipment and facilities is to reduce or eliminate the harm and impact of adverse environmental factors on poultry, maintain poultry health, prevent diseases, increase poultry productivity and reduce production costs.
With the continuous improvement of poultry growth rate and feed conversion rate, people have higher requirements on the management of poultry raising and breeding, so the equipment and facilities of the chicken house, including the site selection of the farm, the design and construction of the chicken coop, and the illumination are put forward higher and more stringent requirements.
For the development of scale poultry farming, advanced modern farming equipment is indispensable. Modern scale farming is difficult to achieve without modern advanced livestock engineering facilities and equipment. However, it is worth noting that the advanced animal husbandry facilities and equipment have different performance characteristics and must be matched with the different production methods, purpose and scale of the breeding enterprises. Users need to know more about the corresponding livestock and poultry facilities, equipment performance and characteristics, and make scientific and rational use to make full use of the supporting facilities and equipment production efficiency. This requests us to be engaged in poultry hatching breeding equipment companies to develop a more scientific and more advanced, more practical, more efficient facilities, equipment, reached the international advanced level, thus a much larger contribution for the healthy development of the modern farming.