Equipments used in poultry farming

As we all know,  if you want to have a poultry farm, then the poultry farming equipment is certainly essential, then you know how much breeding equipment?
At present, the rapid development of poultry breeding industry, the advent of automatic poultry breeding equipment to attract the attention of many farmers. Poultry farming equipment in the continuous improvement and adjustment, in the breeding market position has become increasingly important.
Poultry breeding equipment is mainly divided into cage system, egg collection system, drinking water system,feeding system, environmental control system and series of complete breeding equipment, today we look at the specific types of these five types of equipment.

Equipment poultry farming

Here the cage system is divided into different poultry use of the cage, such as chicken cages, broods, broilers and other different cages, are poultry farming indispensable equipment.
Egg collection system is mainly made with egg picking, pick up the egg device, discharge device, filtration system eggs, egg transeverse transport system composed of several major feature not only saves our labor, but also improve the level of automation, for us, this is very convenient for a system.

Poultry drinking water system is mainly composed of decompression water tank, water pipes, drinking water nipples, hanging cups, lifting system and dosing device. It is an important part of poultry breeding equipment.
Poultry farming feeding system mainly includes the trough,the material tray, the feeding machine, the horizontal oblique feeding device and the tower composition, in the labor saving situation also saves the feed, has greatly enhanced the large-scale breeding efficiency.poultry farming feeding system
The environmental control system of poultry breeding equipment is composed of negative pressure fan, wet curtain,side wind window, heating equipment and intelligent control system,  which can effectively reduce the temperature inside the house, keep the air quality and prevent the disease from occurring.
In this period of rapid economic development,people on the quality of poultry breeding equipment requirements are also rising, the scale of farming from small-scale family farming into corporate farming, which requires the production of poultry farming equipment companies continue to enhance the technical level, to meet the needs of society.