Farming equipment is becoming more and more popular

Poultry farming equipments?also known as chicken raising equipment or poultry breeding equipment. With the continuous development of the poultry farming all over the world, the farming technology and farming equipment are becoming more and more mature. Chicken farmers all over the world are currently using poultry farming equipments in their farms. The reason they do this is mainly because poultry farming equipment can help improve the farming efficiency of the farm and achieve intensive and large scale farming. This can help them gain higher profits from chicken farming.

Benefits of poultry farming equipments

Many farmers have joined the breeding industry. The development of breeding equipment is getting better and better and more and more popular. So what are the benefits of using breeding equipment to raise chickens?

1. The chicken-raising equipment has reasonable structure, stable performance, uniform feeding, energy-saving and labor-saving, sturdy and durable. It is widely used in major breeding farms and has won unanimous praise from users.

2. The egg collection system uses the combination of a vertical egg collection device and a horizontal egg collection device. The running speed of the egg belt is uniform, the egg collection is smooth, and the egg breaking rate is low.

3. The automatic manure removal system can concentrate and transfer manure to the outside of the livestock and poultry house for automatic loading. The timely removal of manure ensures a good environment in the chicken house.

4. The poultry feeding drinking water system is equipped with a drinking water lifting and adjusting device, which can adjust the drinking water line to a suitable height according to the different ages of the chickens.

5. Broiler horizontal raising equipment is not only suitable for intensive large-scale chicken farms, but also suitable for large-scale farmers’ scattered raising. Not only does it save manpower to raise chickens, what are the five advantages of chicken raising equipment can effectively reduce feed and drinking water waste and maintain Good breeding environment.

LIVI supply poultry farming equipments

We are LIVI Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., a Chinese supplier specializing in chicken raising equipment for 30 years. We have rich poultry farming experience and can provide high quality products and services for the poultry chicken farmers. LIVI is at the leading level among poultry equipment suppliers in China. So far, we have provided services to more than 80 countries and regions around the world. The customers we have cooperated with comes from Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Zimbabwe, South Africa and other countries, and have won unanimous praise from them.

LIVI Machinery provides a lot of poultry breeding equipment, which can cover the whole process of raising chickens. Our chicken raising equipment includes not only various types of chicken cages, but also automatic drinking water system, automatic feeding system, automatic egg collection system, automatic manure cleaning system and environmental control system. Made of durable hot dip galvanized wire, our chicken cages are corrosion resistant and can last up to 20 years. Chicken cages can be divided into layer cages, broiler cages, brooding cages. And also include A type chicken cages and H type chicken cages. You can choose according to your own needs. Or we can also recommend the suitable chicken cages for you according to your needs. Other automation equipment supporting the farming equipment can also be selected according to your needs.

All of our poultry breeding equipment have passed SGS, ISO, CE and other certifications. Our product quality is guaranteed, you don’t have to worry about the quality.

poultry breeding equipment

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Poultry farm equipment price

The price of poultry farm equipment mainly depends on the amount of chicken you raise. The larger the amount of chicken raising, the more chicken raising equipment you need, and the price will naturally be higher. However, choosing good quality chicken raising equipment can allow you to use it for several years. And it can actually save you a lot of cost in the long run. Regarding the selection of breeding capacity and related supporting equipment, the suggestions are as follows:

Less than 15,000 chickens. We would recommend that you choose a manual poultry cage with an automatic watering system.And the feeding and egg retrieval are done manually by the farm staff. In addition, it can also be equipped with a set of scraper type manure cleaning equipment, which price is favorable.

15,000 to 30,000 chickens. In addition to chicken cages, we recommend that you choose a manure removal system and an automatic egg collection system. The manure cleaning system can facilitate you to clean chicken manure, improve the environment. And it can reduce diseases and increase egg production rate. The automatic egg collection system can improve the efficiency of egg collection. Only one worker is required to pick up eggs in each row, which helps to reduce the time and labor costs of egg collection.

With more than 30,000 chickens, it is recommended that you use fully automatic chicken cages, which are convenient for intensive farming. And it is more conducive to chicken house management and reducing breeding costs and quickly increasing breeding income

In conslusion

Farmers should pay attention. Whether it is a small amount or a large amount of chickens. Before you start, you must do the preparatory work. A good breeding equipment is very important for chickens. Complete and complete chicken raising equipment can allow the chickens to have a very comfortable growth environment, so that the chickens can grow healthily.

If you want to have a more in depth understanding of poultry breeding equipment, please feel free to leave us a message. We have professional technicians who can provide you with customized solutions according to your chicken quantity or your chicken coop area.