Features and manufacturers of poultry farming battery layer chicken egg cages

Poultry farming battery cage part of laying hens equipment including the coop stents, drinking system? feeding system, manure removal system, inner environment control system and the management control system, the poultry production automation equipment for laying hens breeding to increase the breeding benefit, improve the efficiency of the poultry production, provides the guarantee for the healthy growth for laying hens.
The automatic layer egg-cage equipment of poultry breeding is selected in the form of laminated, which can be selected with a maximum of up to ten floors. The breeding density is very high, and the feeding output is large, which greatly improves the breeding efficiency. And the egg chicken cage equipment can realize the reasonable multiplication of the benefit, automatic feed to feed water to save manpower, raise labor productivity, raise egg material ratio. Automatic egg collecting equipment, reduce labor cost, high efficiency and stability. Automatic manure removal equipment , can clean the manure many times a day, greatly reduce the respiratory diseases of the chicken, let the poultry healthy growth.
The whole set of poultry farming automation egg laying chicken farming equipment USES hot dip zinc technology, corrosion resistance and life span of 20 years. The equipment is highly automated and can be used in combination with egg collecting system, cleaning system and driving feeding system. Reasonable structure, save investment and improve labor productivity. In the case of reasonable use of equipment, each person can manage 3 to 40,000 commodity laying hens, which greatly improves the breeding interests of farmers.
Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is an advanced machinery equipment and strong technical force of poultry production automation poultry farming equipment professional manufacturers. In order to adapt to the needs of modern farming, absorbing the essence of similar products, my company made using high quality materials and advanced technology to the automatic feeding machine, manure removal machine, reasonable structure, durable, simple operation, saving energy consumption, improve labor productivity, increase the breeding benefit.