Features and sale of egg laying chicken cages

Egg laying chicken cages at home and abroad are in the form of relatively popular a kind of poultry farming, its reason is that the design of the egg laying chicken cage for chicken provides a comfortable environment, make the chicken play a better role in the process of breeding, the design of the main strengths of laying hens cage in the former nets and door, cage rearing density, from the several aspects reflect the interests of the chicken.layer chicken cage type
Egg laying chicken cages are divided into A-type ladder cage and H-type cage two types.
Type A ladder egg laying chicken cages, has simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, automation equipment, high selectivity, low cost, quick returns and other characteristics, can according to the different requirements of users, use the automatic, semi-automatic, low automation equipment configuration, high automation configuration of basket.
H type laminated egg-laying chicken cages, with high automation and high density, effectively improve the advantages of housing, land utilization, lower feeding cost, and effective improvement of labor productivity. Compared with the higher cost of hardware investment in A type A ladle cage equipment, the long-term H type equipment has higher investment income ratio than the a-type equipment. The chicken house can be kept unattended, and the chickens are completely separated and bred to prevent the spread of disease. It is the best choice to adopt intensive and efficient breeding management mode chicken farm. It is the trend of production and development of scale and modern laying hens.
The daily maintenance of the egg laying chicken cage is the basic work of equipment maintenance. It must be institutionalized and standardized. The formulation of the regular maintenance of equipment maintenance work to norm and material consumption quota, and according to the quota evaluation, equipment preventive maintenance contract responsibility system of the appraisal content should be included in the workshop. Equipment regular inspection is a planned preventive inspection, inspection means in addition to the human senses, will also have certain inspection tools and instruments, according to the regular check card, regular check someone is also known as check regularly. The accuracy of the equipment should be checked to determine the actual accuracy of the equipment.
Maintenance of egg laying chicken cage should be conducted according to maintenance procedure. The equipment maintenance procedure is the requirement and regulation of the daily maintenance of the equipment, adhere to the equipment maintenance procedure, can extend the service life of the equipment, ensure the safe and comfortable working environment.
Egg laying chicken cages are the main content should include the daily maintenance, equipment to achieve neat, clean, strong, lubrication, corrosion protection, security, and so on the operation content, operation methods, the use of instruments and materials, to achieve the standard and the matters needing attention, daily check the maintenance and regular inspection of parts, the method and standard, inspection and evaluation of operating workers maintenance equipment level of content and method, etc.
Use egg laying chicken cage are feeding, can effectively improve the building and land utilization, lower investment cost, improve the labor productivity, use high-density breeding is not only economical use of land, still decreased about 50% than farmed free-range type economical use of land. The egg laying chicken cage feeding can concentrate management to conserve energy and resources, facilitate the prevention and control of avian diseases and reduce the incidence of avian diseases. Easy to manage, convenient for the purification of chicken house environment, improve economic efficiency. Using fully automated caged chicken coop system in to realize the automatic pick up eggs, manure removal automation, environmental control automation at the same time, also can form a set of intensive, high benefit farming management mode, is now the farmers desperately needed.