Features and sales of poultry battery chicken cage systems

Due to the rapid economic development, people’s living standard and economic strength have also been continuously improved. However, in the area of poultry farming, the poultry farming chicken cage system has evolved from farming outdoors to a highly automated house. This is most evident in poultry farming.

What is poultry battery chicken cage system

Poultry battery chicken cage system is a chicken raising system suitable for intensive and large scale farming . By using the poultry battery chicken cage system , the number of chickens can be doubled in the same space . At the same time , the battery chicken cage system can also help improve the automation level of chicken raising and greatly save manpower . The poultry battery chicken cage system is composed of multiple chicken raising equipment .

First of all, the most important thing is the chicken cage . According to the different types of chickens, it can be divided into layer cages, broiler cages, brooder and breeder cages. In addition, it can also be divided into A type chicken cages and H type chicken cages according to the shape of the chicken cages. Chicken cages are mainly composed of cage nets, cage frames, water pipes, troughs, etc. Once you have a chicken cage, you can start raising chickens. Secondly, the chicken cage system also includes automatic feeding equipment, automatic egg collection equipment, automatic manure cleaning equipment and intelligent environmental control equipment. These automated devices can be configured according to the specific needs of the chicken farm.

From the chicken cage to the feeding machine , the manure cleaning machine , and then to the environmental control equipment , this whole system is the poultry battery chicken cage system . And this chicken cage system has many features for chicken farming. In the next section , we will detail the characteristics of poultry battery chicken cage .

battery chicken cage system
battery chicken cage

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Characteristics of poultry farming battery chicken cage

The vast majority of chickens are now housed in a cage-type cages system. Mechanization and automation play an important role in reducing production costs and increasing productivity.
One of the major advantages of such a chicken cages system is the improved hygienic conditions and reduced poultry contact with faces and other poultry, thereby reducing morbidity.
The chicken cage system is used for the basic water consumption of to prevent and relieve the external and pollution. The dynamic chain feeding device used for automatic moving of the vehicle or the timing device increases the level of feeding automation. It may even be adjusted to the number of chickens per cage, the actual temperature of the chicken cages and the amount of feed left over from the last feeding. And then the amount of feed needed for each chicken cage delivery.
Conveyor chicken stool below the manure in the dry air, to reduce transport costs, reduce ammonia emissions, and is used to dry the air in the chicken manure, also improve the microclimate inside the cages, battery cage is conducive to further automation of the production process.

poultry battery cages

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How to choose poultry battery chicken cage systems

There are several factors to consider when choosing the right poultry cage system . Below, I will list several relatively important factors for your reference .

First, choose according to the type of chicken . First, you need to decide which type of chicken you want to keep. In general, most chicken farmers choose laying hens and broilers. The economic benefits of using chicken cages to raise layer and broiler chickens are generally higher. Layer cages are usually divided into A type battery cages and H type battery cages. While broiler cages generally use a standard H type cage system.

Second, according to the number of chickens raised . In general, chicken farms with larger breeding volumes are more willing to use H type chicken cages instead of A type chicken cages. H type chicken cages are also called stacked chicken cages, which have a higher utilization rate of space than A type chicken cages.In addition, the H type chicken cage has a higher degree of automation and higher production efficiency.

Third, according to your budget . Under normal circumstances, the price of H type chicken cages will be slightly higher than that of A type chicken cages. In addition, the higher the degree of automation of the battery cage system, the higher the budget required will be. You can choose the degree of automation of poultry cages according to your needs.

Fourth, we must choose a reliable chicken cage manufacturer . At present, the quality and price of chicken cages on the market are not very different. At this time, the services that manufacturers can provide become very important. Try to choose experienced and mature chicken cage manufacturer to buy battery chicken cages.

chicken cage systems

Poultry farming battery chicken cage for sales

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