Find Some Top Poultry Equipment Suppliers at Home and Abroad

There are many poultry equipment suppliers in China and foreign countries, and they manufacture and supply various quality chicken equipment for sale for the poultry farm. In order to make the choosing and purchasing of poultry equipment more convenient, Livi Machinery make a detailed summary of top poultry equipment supplier at home and abroad.

Best poultry equipment supplier in China – Livi industry

1. Livi industry: Livi industry offers poultry equipment for customers and the poultry equipment prices are affordable. Livi industry never stops to innovate constantly and always follows the development step of the times. Livi possesses our own Wire Drawing Production Line to produce the cage wires, Automatic Cage Mesh Welding line, Cutting line, Bending line and Cold/Hot Dipped Galvanization line for Cages and Cage Frames, and so on. All products in Livi industry are manufactured with international quality standards using genuine raw materials and superior technologies, greatly prolonging the service life of Livi poultry equipment. Livi poultry equipment must be tested strictly before leaving our factories, which can absolutely guarantee the product quality for customers. In this way, Livi has many regular customers around the world. Advantages of Livi poultry equipment:
Anti-corrosive Hot Dipped Galvanization
Longer Service Life
Higher Stocking Density
Cleaner and Better Hygiene and Even Temperature
High Degree of Automation
Higher Laying Performance and Meat Quality
Easy Clean and Installation and Low Maintenance
Lower Feed and Water Consumption

battery cage system for layers
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Other chicken equipment suppliers in the foreign countries:

2. Jansen poultry equipment: Jansen Equipment was founded in 1986 by Mr A. H. Jansen for development and production of the first automatic laying nests. With his knowledge of technology and poultry, Mr Jansen succeeded in developing the most sought-after laying next. Today the company offers a wide range of poultry systems and has grown to become a flourishing international company with its headquarters located in the Netherlands.

3. Tecno poultry equipment: Competence, flexibility and tangibility: these are values that we believe in, the distinctive features that have made Tecno one of the most widely known firms at global level in the sector of poultry equipment. Innovation and technical research continue to show us the best way to overcome with success all the challenges presented to us by the market, but above all to give a precise reply to the various requests and following discussions with customers with whom we work side by side. Because at Tecno, consultation, helpfulness, professionalism and preparation are not just promises. They are the strongest foundations for constructing a long-lasting relationship.

4. Big Dutchman poultry equipment: Big Dutchman has planned and realised feeding systems and housing equipment for modern pig and poultry production already since 1938. We offer you practical, economical and environment-friendly solutions all geared to future needs. Our products help to produce high-protein food commercially – because we want you to be successful. If you are to work economically, automation and cost-conscious management are essential prerequisites. Big Dutchman is the recognised market leader in the entire industry. Across five continents and in more than 100 countries, our name stands for long-lasting quality, rapid service and unsurpassed know-how. Our innovations have had considerable impact on livestock management and will continue to do so.

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5. Valco poultry equipment: VAL-CO is a global manufacturer of high-quality systems and components for commercial poultry production, pig production and egg production. To guarantee performance you can count on, all VAL-CO products are expertly designed and manufactured with the end-user in mind. VAL-CO is committed to top-notch customer service. For existing customers, our expert representatives are standing by to help maximize the potential of their VAL-CO products. For new customers, VAL-CO works closely with banks to arrange financing and assists in document preparation.

6. SKA poultry equipment: SKA’s history runs parallel with modern poultry industry. With our inventions and continuous technical innovations, we have marked fundamental evolutionary changes in the field. The numerous awards we have received include 2 gold medals from Fieragricola – International Agricultural Exhibition in Verona (Italy) and 5 Innov’space from SPACE – Stock breeding show in Rennes (France). SKA’s main priority is our customers’ success. Our foremost duty is to produce efficient and reliable systems so as to enable farmers to go about their work with ease. Our systems, which are used all over the world, cover every type of bird rearing, both traditional and organic.

7. ZUCAMI poultry equipment: ZUCAMI started out with the idea of “creating a comfortable battery for the birds” and like all frail, fragile and human desires, required the support of people who, with illusion and constant work, managed to create what possibly enables us to affirm that the ZUCAMI vertical battery is a different choice. Our large production capacity together with our proximity to the poultry farmer enables us to equip not only the simplest farms but also the most ambitious projects with full guarantees, offering comprehensive equipment and batteries for breeding and rearing, breeding hens, chickens, quails, partridges and pheasants, in addition to our well known batteries for laying hens in their different versions.

8. Tavsan poultry equipment: TAVSAN POULTRY EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURING CO. , being the oldest and the biggest poultry equipment manufacturer in Turkey, manufactures feeding, drinking, lighting, heating, ventilation, feed storage and transport, layer cages and climate control systems since the establishment date, 1975. Besides manufacturing a complete range of poultry equipment, Tavsan also performs sales, marketing and after sales services to customers. Tavsan also started to offer turnkey poultry projects both in local and international market. Domestic and abroad; Our products are preferred with the quality and diversity, strengthen our brand performance in sales and after-sales service.

High quality poultry equipment can ensure the great egg production and meat production of the poultry farming. So, it is of great importance to choose the suitable poultry equipment. Livi industry is one of the best poultry equipment manufacturers in china which produces poultry equipment with affordable prices.

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