Fully automatic poultry farming feeding equipment is used in poultry farms

The present poultry automatic feeding complete sets of equipment manufacturing in the market has entered the golden age of rapid development, and poultry farming industry upgrading by mechanization, automation, intelligent equipment system to complete, to make poultry farming automatic feeding equipment more suitable for modern poultry production.
When selecting poultry automatic feeding equipment, we should consider the uniformity of feeding, the production of dust, the failure rate and the cost of accessories. For example, the feeding equipment of the chain feeder is uniform, the dust generation is less, and these equipment indicators should be weighed.
We need to understand the basic situation of the automatic feeding equipment, such as the noise of the drive feeding equipment is relatively small, and the feed fragmentation is low when used, and there is little dust produced after the cover plate is added. Drilling equipment each chicken can save up to 5 to 10 grams of feed, and it can also stimulate the intake of chickens. The chain feeding system is good, because the feeding quantity is well controlled, and it is not restricted by the length of the chicken coop.
And in the poultry automation farming equipment , there are some bulk vehicles equipped with automatic metering devices to ensure the accuracy of the ingredients. The feed time should not be too long, and the feed will not deteriorate in a short period of time (2-3 days), providing a guarantee for the health of poultry.
Actually, there are now some automatic feeding system is equipped with automatic feeding device, it not only can ensure uniform feeding, can also reduce the labor intensity of artificial ejecting, poultry farms is one of the hottest products.A type automatic feeding system for sale

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