How to buy quality battery cages in chickens in Ghana?

How to buy quality chicken battery cages in Ghana?

In the chicken industry in Ghana, the current method of raising chickens is to use chicken cages to raise chickens. Feeding laying hens in layer cages, broiler chickens in broiler cages, and laying hens and broilers in chicken cages can increase the number of chickens raised for farmers and facilitate the management of flocks. Therefore, the use of chicken cages to raise chickens has become the mainstream way of raising chickens in Ghana. Choosing a quality poultry farming facility is essential before starting aquaculture operations. Well-structured cages have the advantage of using flocks for growth, and good cages have a long life. Livi Machinery will tell you the main points of buying high-quality cages.

Choose and buy the main points of high quality chicken cage:

1. When purchasing cages, farmers in Ghana should pay attention to the materials of the cages sold by the suppliers. If you want to make the flock have a comfortable growing environment, then the strength and toughness of the cage will be good. The force can be restored by hand when the chicken cage is deformed. This kind of cage is suitable for the growth and production of the chicken, and it will not cause the occurrence of chicken bursitis due to the hardness of the cage.

2. In addition, when buying cages, farmers should also observe whether the surface of the cage is smooth and the gloss is good. Generally, the cages processed by hot-dip galvanizing or hot-dip galvanizing wire technology have smooth surfaces and will not cause scratches to the chickens. And the gloss of the cage is better, and it looks beautiful. Most importantly, battery layer chicken cages are made using hot-dip galvanizing and electrostatic spraying. It is resistant to corrosion, does not rust, and has a long service life.

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If the farmer raises laying hens, they should choose the laying hen cage.

3. The laying hens will produce eggs during the breeding process. Therefore, when purchasing cages, farmers should also pay attention to the cage wire spacing and the slope of the chassis. In order to ensure that the eggs can roll out smoothly without cracking, the wire distance is generally about 1.5 cm. The slope of the chassis is 7-8 degrees. If the angle is too large or too small, it will affect the eggs. Will cause broken eggs, or the eggs roll out, layer pecked eggs and other phenomena.

4. It is also important that when purchasing cages, farmers must purchase from regular poultry breeding equipment manufacturers. Because of the high-quality manufacturers’ production equipment, the inspection is strict. Moreover, the price of products sold by manufacturers will be lower than the price of equipment in the hands of agents.  This not only guarantees that the quality of the products purchased is guaranteed, but also saves a large amount of purchase funds.

The above is the summary of Livi machinery manufacturers, the main points for purchasing quality chicken battery cages in Ghana. It is hoped that the above descriptions can help farmers to apply to the process of breeding cages in the future, and help farmers to choose cost-effective cages.