Hot sale 10000 battery layer cage project in Ghana

Hot sale 10000 battery layer cage project in Ghana

On September 13, we received the delivery photos from the customer.
Customer situation: The customer owns an open chicken house with a size of 70M*8M*3.5M. His target breeding volume is 10000 laying hens.
Here is the list of 10000 battery layer cage project in Ghana:

Chicken cage (including drinking water system): 4-tiers A-type layer battery cage, 160 birds per group, 62 groups for 9920 chickens
Manure cleaning system: 1 set of scraper type manure cleaning equipment, which can be used for the entire chicken house
Feeding system: None, manual feeding
Egg collection system: None, manual egg collection
Environmental control system: None, not required for open houses

Hot sale 10000 battery layer cage project in Ghana

Client feedback of the 10000 battery layer cage project in Ghana

Dear LIVI, I am very happy to tell you that we received the laying hen cages we ordered today. First of all, please accept our sincerest thanks for providing such an excellent product and excellent service.

The moment we opened the package, we were immediately struck by the quality of these chicken coops. Every detail demonstrates the professionalism and attention of your team. From the sturdy and durable materials to the fine craftsmanship, everything exceeded our expectations. We are very pleased with our choice of LIVI as our poultry equipment supplier.

We especially appreciate your excellent customer service. From the moment we inquired about product information, your team always answered our questions in a friendly and professional manner and provided us with accurate advice and guidance. In addition, we are impressed by your close follow-up on logistics arrangements. We sense the high level of emphasis you place on customer satisfaction, which is not common among suppliers.

We believe that by using these high-quality laying hen cages, our breeding operations will be able to achieve greater success. And we look forward to a long-term relationship with you and will continue to seek additional poultry equipment from your company to meet our evolving needs.

Hot sale 10000 battery layer cage project in Ghana

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