How much is a set of 160 birds layer chicken cage?

The laying hen breeding industry occupies an important position in the agricultural field, and one of the core equipment for laying hen breeding is the laying hen cage. How much is a set of 160 birds layer chicken cage? This has a lot to do with the material, shape and chicken cage supplier.

Material of 160 birds layer chicken cage

160 birds layer chicken cage are usually made of metal materials, and common materials include galvanized steel mesh and electrostatic spraying. Galvanized steel wire mesh has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and structural stability, and is suitable for outdoor environments. Electrostatic spraying laying hen cages are favored for their exquisite appearance. However, because hot-dip galvanized wire has a longer service life, its price will be higher.

How much is a set of 160 birds layer chicken cage

Shape of 160 birds layer chicken cage

There are various shapes of laying hen cages, and bird cages of different shapes can be selected according to the breeding needs and space conditions. Common laying hen cage shapes include A type and H type. Among them, the A-type laying hen cage has a simple structure and is suitable for small-scale breeding; the H-type laying hen cage can accommodate more poultry and livestock and uses space more efficiently. From a price perspective, the price of A-type laying hen cages is lower than that of H-type laying hen cages.

How much is a set of 160 birds layer chicken cage

Supplier of 160 birds layer chicken cage

The prices of 160 birds layer chicken cage provided by different chicken cage suppliers are also different. However, when purchasing chicken cages, you cannot choose a supplier based solely on the price of the chicken cages. There are many other factors to consider.

First, credibility and reputation. Choose suppliers with good reputation and reputation to ensure product quality and after-sales service.
Second, experience and expertise. Experienced suppliers are usually able to provide better technical support and solutions.
Third, price and cost-effectiveness. Compare among multiple suppliers and choose the one with reasonable price and high cost performance.
Due to differences in specific suppliers and market conditions, the price of bird cages will vary.

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