How to Reduce the Cost of Broiler Farming

If broiler farming wants to reduce costs and obtain maximum economic benefits. It is necessary to start from all aspects, carry out scientific feeding management. Tnd consider various factors to adopt effective reduction methods.

Do a good job in the selection of chicks

Chicks should be purchased from regular manufacturers or hatcheries in epidemic-free areas. When purchasing chicks, healthy chicks should be selected, and sick, weak, disabled, and deformed chicks should be removed, leaving well-developed, uniform-sized, healthy, and smooth, feathered chicks. Lively and active chicks with big eyes, soft and elastic abdomen, and well-healed navel.

Reasonable feeding, saving feed

The cost of feed accounts for about 70% of the total cost. Feed selection and feeding are closely related to the economic benefits of broiler chicken breeding. Broiler chickens should be fed according to different growth and development stages of broilers and the needs of different species for nutrients. Provide feed scientifically and rationally. The feed provided requires full price and high quality to meet the nutritional needs of broiler growth and weight gain.

Pay attention to avoiding waste of feed when feeding feed, and ensure that there is no or little leftover feed every time you feed. Due to the short feeding cycle of broilers, full-price feed can be used throughout the whole process, but the feed utilization rate of broilers is limited. Therefore, in order to improve the feed utilization rate of broilers and reduce feed costs. And some feed additives can be added to the feed. The purpose is to improve Feed utilization rate, reduce feed cost. In the daily feed management process, the feed storage work should be done well to prevent the feed from going moldy or being damaged by pests and rats, resulting in losses.

Strengthen daily feeding and management

Good feed management can significantly improve the feed utilization efficiency of broilers and reduce the cost of breeding. First of all, it is necessary to provide a suitable breeding environment for broiler chickens, control the temperature, relative humidity, air quality, etc. of the chicken house, and pay special attention to controlling the temperature of the chicken house. Temperature has a greater impact on broiler chicken breeding. It will show a series of adverse reactions, affecting the growth and weight gain of broilers.

And the temperature in the house should be adjusted according to the state of the chickens in the house. Strengthen daily ventilation and keep the air in the house fresh. Pay attention to the cleanliness and sanitation of the breeding environment. Carry out reasonable light management, adjust the light time and light intensity. Control the stocking density of chicken flocks. If the density is too small, it will cause waste of space and equipment. If the density is too high, it will easily lead to the occurrence of broiler pecking habit and affect the production performance.

Do a good job in disease prevention

The chicken coop should be kept hygienic and the chicken coop should be disinfected regularly. Empty houses should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before feeding chickens, and chickens can be fed after 7 days to kill pathogenic microorganisms in the environment. In the daily management process, the chickens should be disinfected regularly. According to the immunization program, some drugs can be used appropriately for preventive administration to prevent the occurrence of diseases.

Rational use of drugs.

Reasonable medication should be used when broiler chickens are sick. Be careful not to use a drug for a long time or in large doses, otherwise drug resistance will develop. And the immune system of broiler chickens will be damaged, and the resistance to certain diseases will be lost. When the broiler is sick, it is necessary to accurately diagnose, use the drug correctly. And the dosage and usage of the drug are accurate, so as to avoid the phenomenon of drug overdose.

Use automated chicken raising equipment to raise chickens

Automated farming has significant advantages in reducing labor intensity, increasing the number of breeding per unit area, reducing the incidence of diseases and insect pests, and feed utilization. The trend of intensive, planned and standardized development of the aquaculture industry is unstoppable.

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