The importance of environmental control to the production of broiler chickens

Modern poultry production has three aspects of demand, feeding and drinking water, environmental control system, the health protection measures, the survival of the three aspects of the demand for poultry and production is critical, but the biggest variability environment control, and poultry producers will most likely be through management to change factors, so as to improve the survival rate and production performance of broilers.
With the rapid development of the poultry farming industry, some poultry industry production has exposed some disadvantages, on the one hand, it has caused pollution to the environment, and on the other hand, the outbreak is frequent. Some poultry market in poultry disease control aspects there are serious lag, cause poultry incidence, mortality remains high, direct and indirect economic loss caused by illness up to billions of dollars, so a comprehensive understanding of environmental factors and the relationship between health and disease control poultry is very necessary.
First of all, we need to enhance the air quality of the chicken coop, reduce the emission of dust and harmful gases in the chicken coop, increase the manure handing and utilization, and at the same time strengthen the safety of epidemic prevention and the consideration of reducing cross-infection.
Second, the pursuit of energy-saving environmental control technology to ensure broiler health and high performance, considering the relationship between production and output, adjust the environmental control parameters, to achieve the goal of improving economic efficiency.
Finally, temperature control is at the heart of environmental management of broiler farming and ventilation management is key to environmental control of broiler farming. Ventilation and heat preservation balance, air quality directly affects broiler health and productivity levels.
Good poultry environmental control system is not only necessary to ensure the health of poultry, give full play to the potential of animal production requirements, but also animal welfare requirements, it is necessary to enter the hen-house gas and suspended particulate matter to filter the inflow of air can effectively block the transmission of the disease.