The importance of poultry breeding equipment in the use of daily chicken cages

Poultry breeding equipment has a great importance in daily in the use of cages, so we when selecting a feeding equipment to choose the very fine, so as to ensure the safety and health of poultry, first of all, the shape of the feeding trough is whether can directly affect the feed can make full use of, the trough of light can cause feed waste problem, such as temperature has great influence on the production performance of chicken, so in a timely manner to the hen house, to adjust and control the temperature of the chicken coop, and we also need to constantly adjust the light, to control the internal and external environmental health and try to reduce the spread of the disease, pecked feather, etc., to ensure adequate drinking water, special attention should be paid to drinking water , the shape of the trough, and whether to have adverse effects on poultry production materials.

automatic feeding system
poultry breeding equipment

In poultry breeding equipment feed is a foundation, the use of farms use high credibility, the standardization of the feed quality of feed, feed manufacturers and scientific use of feed, to ensure the breeding effect, improve the efficiency of breeding, increase the breeding benefit.
Poultry breeding equipment in cages daily management is the core, in the use of chicken farmers learning scientific knowledge, has the technical experience of day-to-day management and the prevention and control of diseases, but also timely and accurately capture the market and technical information, only with the above conditions, in order to ensure the success of the chicken, the good breeding efficiency can be achieved.
With the agricultural structure adjustment and the internal structure of animal husbandry, poultry farming got rapid development, so the farmers the above problems need to be taken into account in choosing equipment, avoiding the dangers of feeding the effect not beautiful, solve the problem of metabolism strong lead to a series of breeding.