The Impressive Yields of Lilian Quality Poultry Chicken Cages for sale

The professional multi-tier system chicken cages manufacturer in China – Lilian Industry, has produced various quality poultry cages for sale in china for the rearing of healthy, vital and uniform chickens. The big and best Lilian poultry chicken cage system ensures the greater production efficiency and the high quality meat and eff production of broiler cages and layer cages in China.

The normal way of rearing poultry is doing free range for ‘kienyeji’ and for layers, putting them in a chicken structure. But farmers are embracing a new technology that promises good returns — rearing the layers in a quality poultry chicken cage system for sale. Peter Kioi from Nderu village, Limuru constituency, is a pioneer in this new technology.

Villagers throng his farm just to marvel at this innovation. He has two houses, and in the first one, a 1,000 hens are put into identical cages, in cubicles housing three. The cubicles are enjoined and arranged in three tiers, like floors in a storeyed building, with each tier having 72 chickens. This system gave rise to the name battery cages, due to the formation of rows and columns of the identical poultry chicken cages with a common wall dividing the cells, like in a battery.

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The hens crane their necks through the wires to the feeding trough as Kioi adds the feed. “After putting the feed early morning, we rarely add,” says Kioi, “that is one of this system’s advantage.” The feeding trough, according to its supplier based in Thika, is made of PVC, which compresses heat, and is easy to clean.The water system is unique and automated. A white PVC pipe, made to withstand chemical reactions from impurities in the water runs around the cage at each level.

The hens crane their necks to a water ‘nipple’, which they peck into. Water-drops drip straight to the gullet. “The water system saves us from always feeding the chicken as it is the case with the traditional way of rearing chicken,” says Kioi. He points to a tank, with pipes running through the roof to the poultry house and connected into water containers, which are attached at the edge of the cages.

The containers have cisterns similar to the ones found in a toilet, to prevent overflow. The floor of the cage is slanted, allowing for eggs to slide at the edge where it is easy to collect.