Advantages of using automated poultry farming equipment in India

Poultry farm equipment in India

The automatic poultry farm equipment in India is mainly composed of cage system, automatic egg collection system, automatic cleaning system, automatic feeding equipment, automatic lighting system and environmental control system. The equipment is designed with automatic control and the operation mode is simple. It is suitable for intensive breeding of brooders, broilers and laying hens of different sizes. Now many chicken farmers are gradually feeling that traditional chicken farm equipment can not meet their own needs, and they are gradually moving from traditional artificial breeding equipment to automated farming, and the breeding industry is intensive, planning and standardized development.

1. Improve production efficiency, greatly increase production capacity, and have significant economic benefits

The automatic chicken raising equipment has a very high density of cultivation in the unit space, and the feeding output is large, and the benefits can be reasonably doubled. If the chickens are raised or raised, they will occupy more places. If you use automatic chicken battery cages, the density will be large. It can be said that the chicken houses of the same building area will raise more chickens.

The use of automated chicken farm equipment in India, which contains professional cleaning equipment and feeding equipment. In this way, the feces in the chicken house can be cleaned out in time, and the environment of the chicken house is clean and pollution-free, and the chickens are provided with a good living environment. The use of an automatic feeding system to feed the flocks ensures uniform feeding, which increases the uniformity of the growth of the birds and the laying rate of the laying hens.

2. Reduce manpower and significantly reduce production costs

The use of automated chicken farming equipment in India to raise chickens, all equipment can be automatically carried out, can completely replace labor, so that farmers can save labor costs, reduce the cost of hiring labor. The use of automated poultry farming equipment is more convenient for mechanized operations, which can greatly improve labor productivity, which greatly reduces the labor costs.

3. Using automated poultry farming equipment in India, not only easy to manage, but also reduce the risk of breeding chickens

The use of automated poultry equipment ensures the environment of the house. Like the automatic manure cleaning machine, it can automatically clear the feces, and timely remove the feces from the chicken flocks, so that the chances of producing bacteria and ammonia in the house are reduced. The chicken house has a good environment and the chickens will grow well. Especially in the poultry battery cages, the longitudinal ventilation is large, the temperature, humidity and wind speed of the airflow on the horizontal manure belt are stable, and the chicken manure is naturally dried. The chicken manure on the manure belt is loose, non-bonded, and has a low odor, which greatly improves the air environment inside the house.

Automated poultry farming equipment in India automatically adjusts the air inlet, oxygen content and humidity through an automatic ventilation system. It can ensure the healthy growth of chickens and the safety and high quality of eggs. It realizes the automatic management of temperature, humidity, ventilation and ventilation, uniform distribution of lighting, and wet curtains of fans.

The use of automated farming houses generally requires a fully enclosed management approach, which reduces the entry of outsiders. On the one hand, it can reduce the stress response of chicken flocks, on the other hand, it can reduce the damage of foreign pathogens, reduce the incidence of flock diseases, and increase the survival rate. The chickens in the chicken house are basically free from external adverse factors (high temperature, high cold, strong wind, heavy rain), so that the chickens grow healthily in a good environment. Moreover, the automatic poultry breeding equipment realizes the automatic alarm: the automatic alarm system controlled by the control cabinet is equipped in the field, and any problem such as lack of electricity, high temperature, low temperature, etc., the control cabinet interface system will automatically alarm.

4. Enhance product competitiveness and enhance brand capabilities

Many chicken farms, due to poor equipment, extensive management, and old farming concepts, have more or less problems in the breeding process.

The automated poultry breeding equipment adopts closed feeding management, which is conducive to the control of disease and disease, is conducive to the control of drug residues, and lays the foundation for the realization of the requirements for the health and safety of chickens. The quality of laying hens and broilers is good for export, improving market competitiveness, providing protection for effective response to foreign technical barriers, and is currently the direction to achieve intensive, standardized, efficient and high quality broiler breeding.

The automated poultry farming equipment in India has realized a series of processes that need to be manually completed, such as automatic egg collecting system, cleaning, packaging, grading, etc., reducing the pathogens caused by artificial breeding. An anti-counterfeiting traceable label can be attached to each egg body or box. The label contains the traceable QR code of all the information of the egg and the promotional contents such as the brand logo and slogan.

In recent years, the scale of laying hens in India has been gradually increasing, and the scale of 10,000-50,000 or even larger-scale farming is increasing. Although the scale construction is relatively fast now, the overall proportion of the scale field in India is relatively low. Now it is changing and developing in the direction of scale and intensification.

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