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Indonesia 30000 Layer Chickens Poultry Farming Project

This is a poultry farming project from Indonesia. The customer owns a piece of land with an area of 300*100M and wants to establish a poultry breeding project on this land. He plans to start by raising 30000 layer chickens. Let us develop a detailed poultry equipment proposal and coop building plan for him.
The plan we have formulated for the Indonesia 30000 layer chickens poultry farming project is as follows:
Poultry equipment: 5-tiers H-shaped Indonesia poultry farm cages for layer chickens are used to effectively utilize vertical space and increase breeding capacity. Each group of Indonesia poultry farm cages for layer chickens accommodates 240 laying hens, making a total of 126 groups of chicken cages, accommodating a total of 30,240 laying hens. At the same time, fully automatic feeding equipment, drinking water systems, automatic egg collecting equipment and manure cleaning equipment are used to maximize the work efficiency and scientific management of the farm. In addition, it is equipped with a 10T silo to store the feed required by the chicken house for 3 days.
Chicken house design: Build a chicken house 90 meters long and 10 meters wide. Poultry farm cages can be placed in three rows in the chicken house, with 42 groups of chicken cages in each row. Build an egg vault next to the chicken coop to store fresh eggs.
Now that the farm has been built and all the equipment has been installed, it will be put into use soon. The chicken farmer sent us photos of his farm.

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