Information About Livi Poultry Farming Equipment in the South Africa Market

Livi industry has been serving the Southern African Market since the factory is built with world class poultry farming equipment for sale. We are a world renowned brand which originated in many years before with the invention of the first automatic poultry cage system. Since then, our specialities have branched out into all poultry cage systems – offering a complete package design from feed and drinking automation, to effective climate control. We pride ourselves on being the world leader in poultry equipment South Africa. We are the leaders in poultry farming equipment manufacturing & distribution in South Africa. Specializing in manufacturing & distribution rearing eq, layer cages, breeder, broiler, feeder & drinking equipment.

As one of the top poultry farming equipment suppliers in China, Livi industry – one of the oldest suppliers of poultry equipment in South Africa, supplies equipment to farmers across the African continent. Livi industry is also able to supply various quality poultry farming equipment in South Africa, such as poultry farming cages (including broiler cages and layer cages), poultry feeding system, poultry drinking system (nipple drinker), egg collection system, poultry manure removal system, poultry climate control system (ventilation fan and cooling pad) and poultry management system (electrical cabinet). Livi industry has supplied about 700 of chicken farming equipment in South Africa and the results that our clients achieve are outstanding. The company is an agent and distributor of some of the world’s best known poultry equipment brands.

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The followings are some main products that Livi industry supply for customers in South Africa:

Poultry farming cages: The poultry farming cages in Livi industry are specially suitable for rearing of the laying chickens and broiler chickens, which are primarily for egg production and meat production. Livi has the A-Frame Poultry Cages and H-Frame Stacked Poultry Cages. In order to satisfy the life cycles of different chickens and provide the optimal living condition for the laying chickens and broiler chickens, Livi industry offers layer/broiler pullet cages, layer/broiler breeder cages and layer/broiler cages. Manufactured with the premium quality raw material and the latest and sophisticated technology, Livi industry stands in the leading position among all manufacturers of chicken equipment South Africa. Livi poultry farming cages provides the hygienic and clean environment for chickens.

Poultry feeding system: Livi poultry feeding system is designed to work effectively with the poultry cage systems and distribute the feed throughout the poultry cages smoothly, which can achieve excellent feed conversion, reliable operation and more profits with its many advantages. It includes H frame chain feeding cage system and A type automatic feeding system. Livi feeding system for poultry can ensure that there is only a small amount of feed in the poultry feeder so that the feed is quickly eaten, spillage is at a minimum and the feed is always fresh.

Poultry drinking system: Livi poultry drinking systems are primarily designed to supply sufficient clean water for chickens. Livi poultry drinking system provides a better cage environment because it is the closed drinking system for chickens and the hygiene of the drinking water can be guaranteed. There are always enough clean water pointing over the entire floor area for all chicken. Livi’s poultry drinking system includes the filter, the doser, the pressure regulator and the drinker. Nipple drinking systems are normally suspended from the ceiling of your poultry building using a winch systems. This enables the drinking height of the whole system to be altered very easily.

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Egg collection system: Livi automatic egg collection system is designed to collect eggs gently and preserve the quality of the eggs, which can be applied to the A-frame layer cage system and the H-frame stacked layer cage system of laying chicken and broiler/layer breeder. The automatic egg collection system provides high volume egg collection with less adjustments and maintenance, and has the advantages of providing protection for the egg and minimizing egg cracks and checks.

Poultry manure removal system: Livi poultry manure removal system is primarily used to dry and eliminate the poultry manure in the poultry farming cages and keep the poultry cages clean and hygienic. This can provide the optimal cage environment for chickens. It is composed of two types: H-frame manure removal system with manure belt and the manure removal system with scrapper.

Besides, Livi industry also manufactures and supplies other poultry farming equipment, such as poultry feeder and poultry drinker, etc.. All poultry equipment are available in the standard size and other sizes to satisfy different customers’ requirements.

Please contact us to discuss the best layout for your proposed systems. We can advise you on the quantity you require and the best layout. We can make you create more benefits with less investment on your poultry farming.

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