Innovation agricultural model of co-culture of fish and poultry

The fish and poultry co-raising agricultural model, as an innovative farming model, organically combines fish farming and chicken farming, forming a mutually beneficial and symbiotic relationship. In this mode, fish farming and chicken farming promote each other to maximize the use of resources. This article will introduce the agricultural model of fish and poultry co-culture, and discuss its advantages and precautions.

Introduction to the agricultural model of co-culture of fish and poultry

The fish and poultry co-culture agricultural model is a new agricultural model that combines fish farming and poultry farming. In this mode, fish are usually raised in fish ponds, and at the same time, chicken coops are built on the water surface using the space of fish ponds to raise poultry. The advantage of doing this is that fish and poultry can promote each other to achieve efficient use of resources.

Fish grow in water and produce a lot of waste and feces. If these wastes are not treated in time, they will lead to water pollution. The poultry live in the hen house on the fish pond, and can use the waste as feed to eat, and the waste in the fish pond is converted into food for the poultry, which avoids the waste of waste and the pollution of water quality. At the same time, poultry feces can also be used as a natural feed for fish, providing nutrients for fish and promoting their growth and development.

In addition, there is a symbiotic relationship between fish and poultry. Fish swimming in the water will cause splashes on the water surface, which will attract some insects and small animals. Poultry can take the opportunity to prey on these insects and small animals, which not only saves feed costs, but also increases the nutritional intake of poultry. At the same time, birds can also scare away some potential predators of fish by moving freely on the fish pond, reducing the loss of fish.

Advantages of the fish and poultry co-culture agricultural model

Ecological complementarity. In the fish and poultry co-culture agricultural model, fish and poultry form a relationship of interdependence and mutual promotion. Fish can eat incompletely digested feed residue and feces of poultry, reduce waste discharge and improve material utilization efficiency. Livestock can help increase the dissolved oxygen content in water, reduce the incidence of fish diseases, and promote fish growth.

High resource utilization efficiency. Through co-culture of fish and poultry, limited land and water resources can be fully utilized. Fish are stocked above the water, while poultry are reared in an open enclosure alongside the fishponds, making efficient use of space. At the same time, by eating the feed residues of poultry, fish can indirectly improve feed utilization and reduce feed waste.

Increase sources of income. The farming model of co-culture of fish and poultry can provide a variety of agricultural products, such as fish, poultry, poultry eggs, etc., thereby diversifying agricultural income. This diversified product mix helps farmers reduce risks and increase economic benefits.

Eco-environmentally friendly. Co-culture of fish and poultry can effectively improve the recycling rate of water bodies and reduce water pollution. Poultry manure can be used as fish feed, reducing the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, and reducing the negative impact of agriculture on the environment. In addition, this model also helps to maintain ecological balance and promote the development of biodiversity.

In general

The fish and poultry co-raising agricultural model has given full play to the complementary advantages between fish and poultry. Improved resource utilization efficiency, increased farmers’ income sources, and protected the ecological environment at the same time. This model has positive significance for realizing sustainable agricultural development.

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