Introduction and application of poultry farming automation equipment

There are two kinds of automatic chicken raising equipment, one is the ladder automation equipment and the other is the cascade automation equipment. So today I’m going to give you a little bit of an overview of how to use automate poultry farming cascade cages equipment.
Poultry cascading automation equipment the cage must have highly accurate automation equipment to complete the whole process of chickens, must want to have more advanced production technology to keep up the good performance of cage, currently on the market there are three kinds of production technology for breeding chicken the cage to choose farmers.
The first is cold galvanizing, also called galvanizing, the zinc coating is thin, 6-7 years of life, do the ordinary artificial breeding cage is still careless, but the automatic equipment chicken cage is not to be considered.
Followed by hot dip galvanized, also called hot dip zinc, zinc coating thick, not easy to rust, high durability, with 15 years to 20 years, but the drawback is uneven in the zinc pool leaching zinc, cause burr industry problems (which is), more easy to scrape off the chicken feather, easy to break that got the eggs, egg broken rate is high, can’t do brand egg.
Finally, electrostatic spraying. Also called static plastic, is made by high voltage electrostatic powder coating the gravity of the adsorption to the basket, can automatic poultry farming equipment in the middle of the chicken coops and coating formed a kind of high corrosion resistance of phosphating film, coating is fixed on the surface coop is not easy to fall off, bending will not fall off even casual 360 degrees, under the action of strong acid, also won’t corrode, durable, with 15-20 years, because of the high voltage electrostatic adsorption, surface is smooth and beautiful, no burr. Because the surface is smooth, so can make high-quality brand egg, make the egg value is higher, make the brand value of the chicken field also rise. So electrostatic spraying of the chicken coop is one of the best materials to automate the cascade automation.
It can be used in poultry farming cascade automatic equipment, which can be selected for the layer number, which can reach up to 10 floors. The unit space is very high in density, and the production capacity is large, and the efficiency can be multiplied. Automatic feeding, drinking water, saving manpower, raising labor productivity, improving egg material ratio. Automatic egg collecting equipment, reduce labor cost, high efficiency and stability. Conveyor automatic manure removal system, dry cleaning, saving labor, can clean the manure many times a day, greatly reduce the respiratory diseases of chickens. The feeding concentration reduces the flow of staff in the chicken coop, which is conducive to the prevention and control of chicken disease and the protection of poultry health.
Automatic poultry farming equipment, as the name implies, is to save human, with the development of science and technology leading the industrial revolution, chicken automatic poultry equipment including automatic feeding machine, automatic manure removal machine, automatic picking up laying hens, automatic temperature control system, etc., as the human more and more expensive, many farmers in order to save labor costs, more and more farmers began to use automatic poultry equipment, which is the result of industrialization is more and more advanced is the necessity of developing poultry industry.