Layer Cages for Sale in Zimbabwe Harare for 20000 Chickens Farm

Yesterday, we sent a batch of poultry equipment to Zimbabwe Harare for a 20,000 layer farm. The following is the specific situation of this customer:
At first, the farmer searched Google for layer cages for sale in Zimbabwe Harare and found that we were selling factory-priced laying hen cages, so he sent us an email seeking a quote for 20,000 laying hen equipment. We contacted the customer the same day and sent them our price list. In addition, we also customized multiple farm solutions for him based on his needs.
In the end, the chicken farmer chose a design that he was most satisfied with and placed an order for 20,000 layer cages for sale in Zimbabwe from us. The following is the specific project plan:

Birds quantity: 10000 birds per shed & two sheds
Chicken shed size: 68M*8M*2.5M(L*B*H)
LAYOUT: 3 rows per shed, each row put 22 sets cage system.

What customer purchased is as bellow:
*- 132 sets A type adult layer cage system
*- 1 set automatic drinking system
*- 2 sets feeding trolley feeding machine
*- 1 sets automatic feed crusher and mixer machine

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At present, this batch of equipment has been successfully shipped. We hope that customers in Harare can receive this batch of chicken cages as soon as possible and start their chicken raising business smoothly.

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