Layer chicken cage questions that a chicken farmer will care about

In recent years, laying hens have become an entrepreneurial and investment project chosen by more and more people. In this article, we will share some layer chicken cage questions that a chicken farmer will care about.

Material and quality of chicken cages

Chicken farmers need to know whether the material of the cage is strong and durable, whether it meets environmental protection requirements, and ensure that there are no sharp edges or protrusions to avoid harm to the chickens.

Chicken cage size and design

Different scales of farming require different sizes of cages, and chicken farmers need to determine the required cage size according to their own farming scale. In addition, reasonable design can improve the comfort and production efficiency of chickens, such as reasonable ventilation, water feeding and feeding system, etc.

Density and ventilation performance of chicken cages

Chicken farmers need to ensure that the density of cages is moderate to fully guarantee the activity space and comfort of each chicken. At the same time, good ventilation performance can effectively reduce the temperature and reduce the risk of disease transmission.

Chicken cage farming

Chicken cage cleaning and drainage system

Chicken farmers need to consider the chicken cage cleaning and drainage system in order to facilitate the cleaning of the chicken cage and maintain good sanitary conditions. Some advanced chicken cages may be equipped with automatic cleaning and drainage equipment to reduce manual operations.

The price and cost performance of chicken cages

Chicken farmers need to compare the prices of different brands and suppliers, and consider factors such as materials, quality, and functions to choose layer chicken cages with higher cost performance.

Installation and maintenance of chicken cages

When purchasing, you need to understand the difficulty of installing chicken cages, the time required and maintenance requirements, to ensure that you can operate or seek relevant technical support.

Installation and maintenance of chicken cages

After-sales service and warranty policy for chicken cages

Confirm whether the supplier provides after-sales service, equipment warranty and replacement parts support, in case there is a problem, it can be resolved in time.

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