Layer chicken cages equipment for sales at affordable price 

Today, the average or educated person in many different countries is more and more inspired by poultry farming as it is a great way to earn money. Due to the large population, there is an increasing demand for animal protein, and poultry farming is a great solution to this problem. Successful poultry production requires the use of chicken equipment. Among the many chicken poultry equipment,layer chicken cages are necessary for almost every chicken farmer.

Three types of layer chicken cages for sale

Next, I will introduce three types of layer chicken cages for sale that are often used by customers at present.

Manual A type layer chicken cages for sale. With good quality and nice price. The manual layer chicken cages has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, low input cost and quick return. A type layer poultry cage price are cheaper than H type layer cage. You can choose to use only A type chicken cages, or add individual automatic poultry equipment according to your needs. This kind of layer cage is more suitable for small and medium poultry farms.

Fully automatic A type layer chicken cages for sale. The fully automatic A type layer chicken cages adds a complete set of automated poultry equipment on the basis of the manual A type layer cage. The chicken cage is a trapezoidal structure with a stable structure and generally has 3 to 5 tiers. Fully automatic layer poultry cage system includes layer cage, automatic feeding, drinking water, manure cleaning, egg collection, and environmental control system. The fully automatic laying hen cage system can greatly reduce the labor intensity of farmers and save time and cost. It is suitable for medium and large poultry farms with 10,000 and above.

Fully automatic H type layer chicken cages for sale. H type fully automatic layer chicken cages have the characteristics of high automation and high density. This kind of layer poultry cage can make full use of the space and land of the chicken house, reduce the cost of feeding, and improve labor productivity. Compared with A type layer cages, H type layer cage equipment has a higher stocking density and has a higher cost effectiveness in the long run.

layer chicken cages for sale

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What is the use of layer chicken cages for sale

Egg cages are a popular form of chickens at home and abroad. The reason is that the design of the egg cages provides a comfortable environment for the chickens to play a better role in the feeding process. Density breeding, saving land, 50% less land than free range farming. Is the preferred farming method for modern farms. The biggest advantage of layer cages is increasing egg production to 98%. And its very easy to handle chicken waste and reduce disease transmission.

The hens will live in compartments in the layer cage. They will not leave the cage during the laying phase. When the hen lays, the eggs roll forward gently and catch in the egg holder for easy egg collection. All the water is supplied from the automatic water supply system above the cage, and the chickens can be fed medicine through the dosing device. Water passes through pipes with drinking nipples, and the chickens start sucking water. The chicken feed is poured into the trough where the chickens can eat through the automatic feeder. The floor of the layer cage is also a wire mesh. The chicken manure will fall through the mesh to the floor or to the manure belt, where it will dry and be cleaned easily.

layer poultry cages

Layer chicken cages for sale from layer cage manufacturer

My company’s layer chicken cages fully automated poultry farming equipment, can achieve the egg, night-soil, automatic feeding an organic whole, greatly reduce labor intensity, this kind of equipment is high degree of automation, equipment is advanced, is the best choice of general plants.
The design of layered chicken cages is composed of vertical silk and a few strands of horizontal wire. The clearance of the cage is 5 cm. The cage door is usually 2-3 silk, and the cage door is connected with the front net.
the layered chicken cage door space is large, the location of the chicken feed can be arbitrary change, effectively solve the chickens to gather the food crowded each other, to ensure that the chicken feed more even, and the surface of the cages can choose cold galvanized and hot dip zinc process, make the cages of simple structure, easy operation, strong and durable.
This kind of layer chicken cage netting and bottom network encrypted to prevent chicken pecked feather phenomenon, broken egg rate was decreased, and the layer chicken fatigue syndrome, mesh wire before bold more solid structure, reasonable structure, low energy consumption.
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Layer chicken cages at affordable price

At present, our company has become one of the largest poultry equipment export suppliers in China. Our layer chicken cages for sale have been exported to more than 80 countries such as South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda and so on. Our products are all passed ISO9001 certification, so the product quality is very reliable. Many customers who have cooperated with us choose us again to buy chicken cages when they expand their farms. At the same time, our layer poultry cage price is also very affordable and suitable. We have our own factory, which can provide you with ex-factory prices. If you are looking for layer cages,contact us to get the latest layer poultry cage price right now.