Livi Automatic Egg Collection Systems Cut Egg Wastage and Improve Margins

Livi automatic egg collection systems play an important role in successful layer and breeder management both in floor and in cage production. This is mainly due to the following reasons:

1. they save time and labour costs;
2. production of optimum egg quality, i.e. clean eggs, fewer cracked eggs;
3. accurate count of the total number of eggs produced per tier, row and house.

Livi egg collection systems meet even the highest requirements:

1. gentle egg transportation;
2. highly reliable;
3. easy to operate.

The British Free Range Egg Producers’ Association (Bfrepa) has launched a study intended to reduce the number of “seconds” in the egg supply chain, and so improve producer margins.

china automatic egg collection system supplier
china automatic egg collection system supplier

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With a 60p/doz price differential between first- and second-quality eggs, it is estimated that a reduction in seconds of just 1% could improve income by 15p/bird.

The work, being carried out by Adas, will assess the possible causes of seconds from layer farm to packing centre.

“The co-operation of the packers will be needed so that Adas can follow the egg all the way from the hen to the box,” said Robert Gooch, director of policy with Bfrepa. “It will be interesting to see where breakages occur and whether we can reduce them.”

Bfrepa is calling for free-range egg producers to take part in the study, ideally in the Shropshire/Welsh borders area.

“The researchers will aim to go on farm when the layers are 35 weeks old and look at the systems being used, the equipment on the unit and how the unit is being managed,” said a statement.

“The researchers will do test gradings and suggest ways in which practices can be improved to reduce the level of seconds. They will return four weeks after an initial assessment to see whether the suggested changes have made any difference to results on the farm.”

Funding for the study, which is expected to take five months, will be provided by sponsors, including Noble Foods, Stonegate, L J Fairburn, Newquip, Potters, Hy-Line, Joice & Hill, Humphrey Feeds & Pullets, Country Fresh Pullets, Bumble Hole Foods, Oaklands, Chippindale Foods, Farmlay and Vencomatic.

chicken egg collection system for sale in china
chicken egg collection system for sale in china

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Based on the farm size, the house design and the individual customer requirements there are different egg collection systems available. This includes elevators, lift systems, curve, rodand vertical conveyors, multitier collection systems as well as table drive systems and manual collection tables.

Before an poultry egg collection system is installed, the following questions should be taken into consideration:

1. Are there uneven ground levels on the farm and are the houses built at different elevations?
2. How large is the capacity of the packer and sorting system?
3. Do you intend collecting the eggs separately for each fl ock or simultaneously?

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