Main points of daily management of broiler farming for farmers in Zambia

What are the daily management points of Zambian farmers’ broiler farming? Especially in the spring and winter, the management of broiler chickens is very important.


First of all about the cleaning of the chicken coop. When using a disinfectant to disinfect, pay attention to proceed from top to bottom, first disinfect the top of the chicken house, ceiling, etc., then disinfect the fixed facilities, walls, etc., and finally disinfect the floor of the chicken house.


The second is the feed management of the broiler  chicken cage. The feed must be kept fresh and the storage time should not be too long, preferably 10-20 days. Store the feed in a ventilated, dry and cool place above the head, not against the wall. Avoid the loss of farmers due to feed

The chicks must adapt for 3 to 5 days after entering the house. The feed should be fed 4 times a day and 2 times at night. The temperature is controlled and set at 28 to 30 degrees. Carefully observe the feeding situation of the chicks every day. Anorexia is the result of chicks dislike eating, other phenomena should be paid attention to. Adjust the feed formula in time, add a small amount of digestive drugs to the feed to help the chicks increase their appetite, and add a small amount of sugar in the drinking water every day to increase the physique of the chicks and allow the chicks to grow up early. Enable them to adapt to the new environment.


The best water for raising chickens is tap water or deep well water in a small bucket within 15 days after entering the seedlings. The automatic water dispenser can be replaced on the 12th day, and the small buckets can be gradually reduced. Use a small kettle to clean the inside of the bucket every time you add water. The use time of each bucket of water is about 8 hours: the automatic water dispenser is cleaned every morning, the water level is 2/3 of the depth of the bucket, the height of the side of the bucket and the back of the medium-sized chicken are high, and the level is high. The water tower is placed in the chicken house and must be covered and cleaned once a day. After the medicine is given, it must be washed immediately. The water pipes are flushed every 15 days, and thoroughly disinfected and cleaned when empty.


When ventilating, be careful not to make the room temperature rise and fall suddenly. Prevent diseases caused by stress response caused by excessive temperature difference. The vent should be 1.5 meters above the back of the chicken. When the temperature drops sharply and the cold protection and heat preservation work cannot keep up, it is easy for broilers to feel cold outside, and respiratory diseases characterized by symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, tracheal rales, and difficulty breathing appear. Therefore, breeders should pay close attention to climate change and do a good job of protecting against cold and warmth. The chicken house should be repaired to prevent the wind from reaching the flock.