New concepts and automation equipment for poultry farming

With the continuous development of the global poultry industry, more and more chicken farmers have joined in. Competition in the chicken industry has become more intense. How to take the lead in the chicken industry, occupy more markets, and obtain better profits has become the most important problem that every chicken farmer wants to solve. In this case, a new concept of poultry farming was born. At the same time, more chicken farmers began to look for more advanced automation equipment for poultry farming.

New concepts for poultry farming

Use the prevention of disease in the past, many people in the use of vaccines, drugs, but as the breeding environment worse and worse, the breeding should establish “a focus on prevention, prevention is better than cure, raise combination of prevention of epidemic prevention. Everyone who is engaged in animal husbandry knows that raising chickens is not so simple, how to prevent the disease, raising good chickens is the key to success.
Reduce the stress factors and create a suitable environment for the chickens. Poor ventilation, dust, crowded, humidity, low temperature, high temperature and humidity is unfavorable, harmful gas content exceeds bid, evil wind, vaccination, drug therapy, such as malnutrition and feed conversion can make chicken group under stress, cause the body adrenal cortical hormone secretion increased, adrenal cortical hormone can significantly damage lymphocytes, and inhibit the phagocytosis of macrophage, increase the catabolism of circulating antibodies poultry immune function decline, so the suitable growth environment is very important.
Traditional poultry farming profit opportunities is to meet the demand of the “quantity”, along with the development of the economy, the continuous improvement of living standards and spending power is growing, people attaches great importance to food safety, people’s consumption concept not only stay on the amount of demand, more important is to meet demand, produce green, organic, no drug residues, the unique flavor of livestock and poultry products, poultry prices would have multiplied. Many of today’s breeders are still producing in quantity and cost, and there is little room for profit. It is the law of business. And it is easy to lose money when the market is weak and the market fluctuates slightly. The development of quality poultry farming industry automatic equipment is the only way for farsighted farmers.

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List of automation equipment for poultry farming

There are many poultry automation equipment in the automatic chicken cage system. And we will introduce them to you one by one below.

Automatic chicken cage : The chicken cage is the most important part of the automatic chicken cage system. There are two main types of chicken cages currently on the market: cascade chicken cages and stepped chicken cages. It can also be called H type cage and A type cage.

Automatic feeding system : The automatic feeding system can be controlled by a button. It can directly transport the feed in the silo to the trough, without the need for people to enter the chicken house.

Automatic egg collection system : Its working efficiency is very high, and it can collect 3000 to 6000 eggs per hour. At the same time, it also has the function of filtering eggs, which can filter out soft and bad eggs.

Automatic fecal cleaning system : It can clean the chicken manure in the chicken house to the outside of the chicken house. Improve the environment in the chicken house.

Automatic drinking system :  Farmers use water tanks, water regulators, water pipes, and nipple drinkers to make it a complete drinking system.

Environmental control system : The environment mainly includes temperature, humidity, ventilation, etc. Proper ventilation can reduce harmful gases in the air.

Lighting system : Light is an important factor affecting chicken growth. The lighting system can guarantee a certain lighting time every day.

Disinfection equipment : It can automatically sterilize the chicken house. Create a better environment for the healthy growth of chickens.

Incubator : A complete egg incubator includes both setter and hatcher. Temperature, humidity, and egg turning functions are all automatic.

Debeaker : Removing the upper beak from a bird, especially layer hens, prevents egg eating or attacks to other birds. Using an automatic debeaker can help you do this fast.

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Advantage of automation equipment for poultry farming

Quantitative feed poultry production automation, mechanization manure removal? automatic water supply, timing, spray disinfection, automated lighting control, temperature, humidity and ventilation, in the current personnel salary raise, under the situation of the breeder is becoming increasingly difficult recruitment, but a lot of savings artificial, reduce labor intensity, a person can manage tens of thousands of laying hens, tens of thousands of chickens.
Based on appropriate scale standardization, automation, is the realization of poultry health cultivation, ensure product quality and safety, ensure the effective supply and achieve the key to breeding ecology, environmental protection, is also an important way to speed up the transformation and upgrading of chicken industry, on the basis of the standardized production, product quality as the core, aimed at industry forefront, grasp the market demand, go the way of the brand, dislocation development, is an effective means to farmers improve production efficiency.

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