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Broiler Breeder Cages

Broiler Breeder Cages Manufacturer – Broiler Cages from Livi Industry

In order to realize the goal, the broiler breeder cage system should meet the following requirement:

  1. Broiler equipment could feed the broiler from one day old to about 42 days.
  2. Compared with deep litter system, the broiler cage system can save lager space.
  3. Flocks birds are kept away from manure in broiler battery cage, enormously helping improve the Overall performance for broiler health.

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Livi takes all factors into consideration and designs our quality broiler breeder cages to satisfy all kinds of customers’ demands. The nipple poultry drinker in Livi broiler breeder cages should be installed near the nest. Livi broiler breeder cages have proved themselves over a million times.

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Livi is one of the most professional poultry equipment manufacturers in China for producing best quality chicken related equipment. We constantly meet different customers demands and accept praises from our clients. Welcome to come to China to visit us!

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