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Layer Breeding Cages for sale in Nigeria

Layer Breeding Cages for Sale in Nigeria – Livi Layer Cages with High Quality

Livi layer breeding cages are poultry cages mainly designed for rearing the laying chickens to produce eggs as many as possible. It can provide an ideal environment for laying chickens’ comfort and maximum egg production. Some main advantages of layer harvesting cage: a superior feeding system, efficient and automated manure removal, a cleaner house environment, etc.. The layer breeding cages manufactured by Livi industry are easy to installed and can be stacked up to eight decks high. So, the stocking density of laying chickens is greater.

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Livi layer farming cages are preferred by customers. The layer farming cage is manufactured with anti-corrosive hot dipped galvanization, which greatly prolongs the service life of poultry cages. The adjustable feeder line and drinker line height can greatly save the feed and water, and reduce investment in the poultry farming. Meanwhile, the hygienic water and greater feed conversion of layer breeding cages can increase the egg production. Equipped with the advanced poultry manure removal system, the layer harvesting cages significantly reduces the ammonia levels, which reduce the negative effect on the laying chickens. The ventilation fan, cooling pad and LED light can provide a optimal and moderate environment for layers to lay eggs. All systems of layer harvesting cages is automatic and controlled by electrical cabinet, which saves labour. Livi layer battery cage is the ideal selection for the poultry farming.

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