layer battery equipment for sale

Poultry battery cage

Poultry battery cage is one kind of chicken housing equipment used for raising layer chicken in large numbers. This cage system is popular in poultry rearing industry and welcomed amongst poultry farmers at home and abroad. Livi poultry layer cage is fabricated with Q235 steel with our special disposing technology-electrostatic spaying. Our battery cage has its great superiority in cage gate, wire density and rolling egg design. With these excellent designs, the layer cage offers a comfortable environment to the chicken growth. Therefore, the layer chicken grows well with better growing environment in the process of raising.

poultry battery cages

battery cages for sale
poultry battery cages

Type: A type and H type layer chicken cages
A type: 1950*350*380mm
H type: 1800*600*430mm
Raw material: International Q235 bridge-steel.
Tiers: 3 or 4 layers; 4or 5 doors, according to your need.
Cage frame: U-shaped steel bar

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Types of Livi poultry battery cage for sale

There are two types of battery cage for poultry. One is A type poultry cage; the other is H type poultry laying cage. Different types of farming cage meet various customers’ feeding demands.

layer cages for sale
A-type layer chicken cages

battery cages for sale
H-type layer battery cages

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Advantages of battery cage system of poultry production

A type poultry battery cage system:

layer battery equipment for sale
layer battery equipment

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1. This layer chicken cage system is simple in its structure and convenient in operation and maintenance, whether it’s A-Type 3-Tier cage or A-Type 4-Tier. Customers can choose appropriate cage system to support their chicken raising business.
2. There are distinguish features on higher selectivity in automation equipment of poultry battery cage, low input cost and quick gains. Taking many factors into consideration like cost and earning, buyers can choose chicken cages in different configuration including non-automation, semi-automation, and low-level and high configuration automation.

H type chicken housing system

poultry battery cage for sale
H-type chicken battery cages

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1. High automation of cage system for sale. Automatic feeding model improves labor productivity efficiently and saves human power as well as feeding time in a way.
2. High density. This feature help to increase house and land use rate. To some degree, the battery cage of poultry farming lowers the poultries’ feeding cost.
3. Comparison with A Type cage. Although H type poultry battery cage for chickens has higher costs in hardware investment, it will yield higher rate of return than A Type chicken battery cages for sale in the long term. Chicken cages equipped with H Type chicken cage system can work without breeders. Chickens can be raised by breeders in a way of isolation to avoid transmission of diseases.
4. H Type poultry later battery cage has been the best choice for a chicken farm which adopts a model of management with intensification and high benefit raising. Furthermore, it has been a trend of large scale and modern layer farming.

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