The poultry breeding cage in the winter how to do a good job of insulation

In winter, the weather is getting cold, the temperature of the hen house heating in poultry breeding chicken farmers cage use coal consumption increase gradually, and the coal price is rising, the production cost is more and more big, the cause of farmers profit decreased significantly. In order to reduce the consumption of coal, reduce the cost of feeding and increase the profit of chicken, it has become a serious problem in winter. So can take to install the thermostat, guide duct, warm air furnace, hanging pipe and the measures of building and protect the greenhouse of adding hen house heat preservation effect, achieve the goal of reducing chicken cost, improve the breeding benefit.
In all heating modes, the heating efficiency of warm air furnace is the highest, heating up fast, which can satisfy the needs of the chicken house temperature to the maximum extent, so as to save the workers’ work.
Extend as far as possible, if using stove heating pipe in the inner loop length, make as far as possible, heat from the burning of coal in the hen house, reduce the waste heat, the smoke outlet hand touch hot shall prevail, general pipe at about 20 meters.
Some farmers through the hen house before and after the two sides set up plastic film to protect the greenhouse method using solar energy, absorbs the heat of the sun already so, sheds and reduces the heat loss, also can make the farmers energy-saving about a third, at the same time avoid the cold wind blowing directly into the hen house cause cold stress, the new measures to get the recognition of the broad masses of farmers.
In brief, by adopting the above method, can improve the insulation effect of the hen-house, then can keep fresh air in the health and reduce the happening of the disease, but also can make the farmers, reduce the cost of breeding, increase the profit space.