Poultry breeding chicken feeding equipment

The reason-ability of poultry breeding chicken feeding equipment is not only related to the allocation of labor force, but also indirectly affects the cost of feeding. Because the cost of feed is about 70% of the cost of feeding. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the chicken to eat convenient, the feed does not spread, the trough is flat, smooth feeding equipment.
At present, the poultry feeding equipment of poultry scale farm has been able to be automated, typical of the use of automatic feeding machine. There are a lot of farming member think the use of automatic feeding machine will people from the past daily carried feed the chicken feed bag and heavy work, improve the work efficiency and reduce the manual labor. When feeding, how much feed, how to unify feeding, can be solved. In other words, the poultry feeding equipment needs to be automated to match the “scaled” farms.
There are three kinds of automatic feeding machine for poultry farming: gantry type feeding machine, driving type feeding machine, chain type feeding machine.
The poultry farming gantry feeding machine is usually equipped with type A ladder cage. Support one machine multi-column feeding, a chicken house usually only need a feeding machine to meet the normal automatic feeding demand. The gantry feeding machine can choose the spray disinfection equipment according to customer’s requirement. And gantry type automatic feeding machine according to the different age’s chicken feeding , feed size design is different, also can adjust the blanking, middle and under layer of how many, with feed assumed by walking than drive, stable transmission, running evenly, which can guarantee the machine evenly feeding; Walking speed can be adjusted by itself.
Driving type feeding machine is applicable to A-type driving feeding machine and is applicable to the steps of the H-type cascading basket of cascade driving feeding machine two, two have the same structure and function of the feeding machine, the main difference is that A machine of span and different slope. The driving type feeder does not support a multi-column feeding machine, and the number of USES is usually calculated according to the number of cages placed in the chicken coop. The feeding machine is composed of a rack, a walking power output system, a walking system, a feeding power system, a material regulating system, a power distribution system and a lifting system. The characteristics of the drive feeding equipment are stable operation, low noise and long service life. Automatic control is adopted in the process of feeding and separating, which prevents the waste of feed. The large cross-beam part of the hopper is arched, with high bearing capacity and small compression deformation. Save labor, save feed, greatly improve the scale farming efficiency.
The poultry farming chain feeder is driven by a motor driven by a chain that is laid in the trough, and the feed that is covered is spread evenly in the trough. The four corners of each layer are equipped with a driving wheel, which can turn the chain in a direction of 90 degrees, so that the chain can be moved in a circular motion, and the feed is distributed evenly. A chain feeder is used for each cage of a chain feeder. The chain type feeding machine A-type ladder cage and H-type laminated cage are all applicable.
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