How poultry broiler breeds reduce late mortality

The latter part of the death of poultry broilers is especially damaging to poultry farming. This is also what all the farmers do not want to see. Therefore, we need good feeding and management, reasonable immunization procedures and scientific drug prevention, which can prevent the latter part of broiler raising death is an effective solution.
First of all, we should create a good living environment for broilers, reduce the chance of their direct contact with feces, and effectively control all kinds of diseases. It is necessary to strengthen the ventilation of broiler breeding chicken house, reduce the harmful gas pollution in chicken house, reduce the temperature inside the house, keep the fresh air and reduce the incidence of the dies.
Poultry broiler farming needs regular disinfection, not only to eliminate microorganisms in the air, but also can reduce dust, purify the air, prevent respiratory diseases, especially in the hot season the effect is more obvious.
Then we need to develop a scientific immunization program. Ensure that the immunization effect reaches all areas of the chicken house, in order to establish an actual, scientific immunization program that is consistent with the chicken house. To ensure the immune effect.
Finally, drugs need to be taken for prevention. Because in the early stage of feeding a large number of broiler, often intestinal flora balance damage and inhibition, if not timely adjustment, is likely to grow ill, if repeated drugs at this time, will make intestinal flora disorder. If that happens, you can use a few drugs that regulate intestinal flora. In order to reduce the incidence of diseases, antibiotics can be properly fed.