Poultry broiler feeding equipment advantages and sales

With the continuous progress of science and technology, the equipment used in all walks of life is also in the direction of specialization and automation.
Chicken and egg are the foods with high protein content, which play a vital role in the health of human body. Now, the chicken breeding equipment is becoming increasingly mature, below, we look at some of the advantages of broiler farming equipment.Broiler breeding equipment

poultry broiler feeding equipment advantages

The advantages of poultry broiler feeding equipment first, it increases the space utilization of the chicken coop, reduces the construction cost, increases the feeding amount and makes full use of the space.
The second point is the broiler feeding equipment, improve the feed utilization rate, shorten the feeding cycle, reduce the cost of feeding, increase the efficiency of breeding.
The third point is that broiler breeding equipment reduces the incidence of diseases, reducing the cost of medication. Because broiler breeding density, it is easy to spread the disease, and broiler breeding in cages, reduce broiler mutual contact, reduce the incidence, so the decline in drug use, indicating that broilers in good condition, while reducing mortality.
Equipment cleaning and disinfection before broiler feeding is essential. First of all, the use of tap water to clean chicken houses and cages, cleaning should be thoroughly cleaned. Tank and waterline also need to be thoroughly cleaned to avoid residual feed, dirt and feces.
Due to broiler feeding density, so feeding equipment disinfection to take the method of spraying or fumigation. If the disinfection is not completely easy to residual bacteria and viruses, is not conducive to the future feeding and disease prevention and treatment. After disinfection, be sure to open doors and windows ventilation for 1-2 days.
The advantages of poultry broiler feeding equipment I have described in detail with you. Our company’s farming equipment exported to all countries in the world, customers have been strongly praised for the promotion of automated poultry breeding equipment to contribute.