poultry cage

Poultry Cage

With the development of modern husbandry industry, multi-functional automatic poultry cage for sale has been welcomed by chicken farmers in various large poultry factory at both home and abroad. This chicken cage system in poultry industry is very suitable for raising chickens like layers, broilers and baby chickens in large quantities. As one of the most prominent poultry cages manufacturers in China, Livi specializes in producing a whole set of chicken-raising and supporting facilities, with an annual capacity of up to 1 million sets of cages. Customers can choose different poultry cage sizes and combinations in accordance with their poultry cage construction.

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Livi provides different chicken cages like broiler chicken cages, egg layer cages and baby chicken cages with high performance. Designed reasonably and conveniently, we adopted advanced galvanized technology, which prevents chickens from hurting by cage wire. At the same time, compared with other chicken cages, the galvanized layer is thicker and has higher wear resistance. Therefore, our poultry farming cages have long life time to work for poultry farm.

Three types of poultry cage

Layer Chicken Cage for Sale

layer poultry cage for sale

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Broiler Cages for Sale

broiler poultry cage for sale

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Baby Chick Cages for Sale

chick poultry cage for sale

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Apart from different types of poultry cages, there are a whole set of automatic supporting facilities for better poultry cage design, for instance, chicken feeding system, automatic chicken watering system, chicken manure removal system and automatic egg collection system.

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